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  1. Patch notes 11.28

    They delay the post because they were afraid or our reaction considering they arent going to do anything about adena scale
  2. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
  3. Dance / Song

    Disconnect reconnect on every bd/sws to have no consumption at high lvl when u need 10 dance / songs ?
  4. Dance / Song

    When you restart you are losing your dance / song it can be helpfull for many abuse, can you check it asap please thx
  5. Catas and necros.

    Yea i tried it, its very hard but seems OP in full party
  6. Enchant exploit

    There is way too many weapon like this, i couldnt even link all the screen i have about this, i was on NCsoft before, so dont tell me they are just lucky, we all know there is something, probably something about the hard lags some people got during the night, or maybe something else, but its as important as the adena scale problem, you have to do something about it right know. I could bet 50% of those weapon are enchanted by the same IP, its easy to track it, there is a player on the server who is known for that, not gonna give the name, but you probably know it too as NCSoft staff. https://gyazo.com/1f10f97d1f813037193449c856abc3e2 https://gyazo.com/74980262651cf98b8ef69ebb7519fff5 https://gyazo.com/110aa922effab072a567a7902ccb6ad3 https://gyazo.com/e176c3dd1c3efc8bc2c291533824fe4c
  7. Make beast SS cheaper!

    Do u even notice your pet isnt taking any xp ? so u want the good parts of the summon, but not the bad parts ? they have already huge stat, u dont need beast SS for farm/xp, get some for PvP and thats it
  8. Level 55 is bugged, and here is why

    im not in mage aoe party, i made it in 3 days
  9. Double exp required for lvl 56

    Im 55 too, thats right. Example, with 1m scroll xp i take 0.84% at lvl 55 1,5% at lvl 56 1% at lvl 57 Seems something wrong at lvl 55
  10. Login Server Will Be Unavailable For 1 Hour

    Any informations about that ?
  11. Over 1000 accounts unbanned today reward 10kk

    I never used anything and i still took a ban, they unbanned me after 10 days and their "apologies" so stop being stupid thx
  12. And btw 23% + 23% never equal to 46% basic maths
  13. No adena = Server dying

    Im here to have fun, since they bleeped up something ( on purpose, or not) if i have to pay for having fun, i will. I Dont see where the server is a mess because of me. in my opinion people who log to cry 24/7 and refuse to play are giving bad reputation, and are involving the health of the server, im not, im trying to bring friends, im supporting with buying nccoin ( yea it gives me an advantagen but still) im doing my best in game, to be competitive, to give top players something to do/fight. And your post, isnt at all giving any new idea, or making the problems goes up, you are just here to criticize what people doing, so no point.
  14. It was the same lvl 20 and they changed it, so i think its just a "misstake" that they probably made on purpose to get some nccoin from ss NG / SSD but its time to be fixed now
  15. Once again i will repeat since you got slow brain and dont understand. The rate seems good to me, i've no problem with RATE. but when a mob lvl 20, ALL OF THEM, ABSOLUTLY ALL MOBS LVL 20, drop more than mobs lvl 40+ THERE IS A PROBLEM, its not related to RATES. BECAUSE RATES ARE GOOD, there is a problem/bug into the mobs/zobe lvl 40+ Take like 10 minutes to read, sit, think about it.