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  1. it wouldn't be dead if @NcsoftFTWwould stop lying to us and actually do something about the bots. all servers are bleeding real players because of the bots and NCSoft doesn't do anything about it. platitudes, patronization and lame excuses are all we get from them where bots are concerned. might as well bail before it all crashes down around you. thousands of others have...
  2. Clan Hall Auctions

    i gave up on them. completely. and quit the game. c'est la vie.. they locked a thread and won't say why. they banned 2 clan members for no in-game infractions and won't respond to appeal tickets. not responding in the forum to answer questions or address concerns is certainly not surprising. the competence and ethics of this company are beyond below standard. if they haven't developed ethics in 15 years they aren't going to. i'm done. y'all have fun..
  3. NCSoft has banned two of my people. they had no in-game infractions and a reasonable explanation has not been given. servers continue to be inundated with bots, a battle i've been fighting with NCSoft for weeks. it isn't rocket science to account ban but NCSoft refuses ~ REFUSES ~ to put live GMs in game to get it done. they are "investigating." investigationis "take time." well.. it took no time at all for them to ban two people who have done ~NOTHING~. The bots are still there, all 3000+ of them. i am finished with NCSoft's duplicitous policies and hypocrisy. i am finished with NCSoft. i am finished with L2. i have never been as angry with a complete loss of sense and competence as i have been with @NcsoftFTW today. they'll take your dollars, they'll ignore your reports, they'll give you canned auto-copy-paste nonsense responses. they do not respect legitimate players. they say they take bots "seriously." yes, of course they do. the bots are paying NCSoft for immunity to bot and flood the servers making true gameplay impossible. bots are business and they're right up there in NCSoft's figurative backside enjoying the benefits. Anyone who believes a player paying 700 million adena for a clan hall four months after server launch isn't buying hundreds of millions of adena from the bot adena sellers is blind and stupid. yet those people are still playing the game with immunity. Lineage 2 is officially dead. NCSoft has flushed it into the sewers. it isn't worth the time or the effort or the frustration or the aggravation of playing any longer. throwing my VIP dollars in NCSoft's toilet because i can no longer stomach the way they do business..... good luck to all you who choose to stay in the game. i hope you don't get banned too. signing out........ forever.
  4. a clan member of mine was banned today. he is not a bot. he does not buy adena. there is no understandable reason for him being banned. the bots are all still out there, though. fields are covered with them. nothing being done about those at all!! but someone who has done nothing is banned. good use of your time and effort, NCSoft... why can't you focus that time and energy where it really needs to be focused?? maybe someone reported this character as a bot because it's a healer on auto-follow with his main character? how ridiculous. i don't know if that's what happened but if it is, nice job banning the wrong guy!! post-note: this is the second of my clan members banned within the last week for NO in-game infractions. is my clan being targeted? do i need to start wearing tinfoil hats?
  5. isn't it the slightest bit ironic that they, the staff, are even asking us, the players, to do anything about this? bot reporting should be available for the occasional bot one might see somewhere. the sheer herds of bots that we see daily on TI server preclude us being able to effectively report anything. it is not our job, we do not get paid or rewarded for making these reports yet NCSoft constantly asks us to do this for them. well, NCSoft, you put some real live GMs in the game and you'll see what we see and your payroll will cover effective bot banning. you're so concerned that real people are going to report real people just because they don't like them is backfiring on you. take away our ability to help effectively, forget it, we won't help. there's nothing in it for us when you ignore our reports anyway. so NCSoft, it is YOUR job. YOU do it! You do it because it needs to be done. You are the host of this game, it's up to you to maintain its integrity. IT. IS. NOT. OUR. JOB. i also refuse now to pay another dime to NCSoft for the absolutely ridiculously low standard of service that i get for what i've paid. VIP is a waste when i can't find a mob to kill to take advantage of the xp bonus. VIP is wasted when i can't take advantage of drop rates. and why can i not take advantage of drop rates? for the same reason so many people have been telling you for so long. NCSoft loves the bots, let the bots remain unbanned. but ban people who have not violated your game rules for no good reason other than saying a *** word in a private conversation with a GM. yes, it's true. tell a GM *** you in a private ticket conversation and you will be temp banned from the game. but the bots charge on. they breed. they make more bots. they're like rabbits.. 10 on this field today, 40 on the same field tomorrow. we real people don't have a chance under this pathetic management. cheers...
  6. how many real live people are left playing on Talking Island server? hard to find any... maybe 40 people doing world shout.. pretty sure the rest are bots. quests not completed.. can't find mobs. tired of wasting time and money..................... would really appreciate some response from @NcsoftFTWabout their plans and/or intentions to fix this mess...
  7. Cannot do class change quest. 35 minutes looking for 3 grandis at hardin's academy that i can kill without being KS'd by bots. cannot get the quest items. bots are everywhere, no mobs on the fields at all. time wasted doing quest. buff scrolls wasted. fruits wasted. money wasted. everything WASTED!!!! how much longer will this go on @NcsoftFTW??? how much longer do real people have to deal with these nuisance bots? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO START CARING?????? ~EXTREMELY ANGRY
  8. and when these reports are made, what is actually being done about them?? nothing? no surprise there..... of course limit our abilities to do anything to help this game prosper. feed us canned copy/paste messages and expect us to be content. reports have been made continuously by people until they realized NCSoft does nothing with their reports, the same bots remain in the same fields day after day after week after week. it doesn't matter that we report...... we are wasting our time. yeah.. thanks for that, NCSoft...

    no apologies for my lengthy response. it was fun to write p.s. i still only marginally agree. but i'm having fun doing it lol

    i have been told by people who know me that i tend to lean to the side of optimism when it comes to human nature. in that regard i want to think the best of everyone. people doing business are in it for the money. otherwise, what's the point? so i get that. people playing a game are in it to have fun, right? i could be wrong, but i want to believe that the majority of the L2 community are there for fun. where i get hung up is realizing that not everyone views "fun" the same. what is fun for me might not be fun for you, etc. i mean, i'm having fun doing this thing, aren't you having fun too? maybe not. your view of fun could be the thing over there. i'm trying to improve this outlook, make it a bit more realistic but old habits die hard. so i guess, if the botting was legal and fun, i too might engage in it. but it isn't legal and for me there's no fun in watching a game develop itself in auto-mode. i want to be hands on, i want to push the buttons and make it happen. i want to run away when i need to stay alive. i want to click the buttons and make things with my dorf. that's me. someone else might find fun in running a script for the game and going out for the evening to the pub. i don't know. maybe. the botting obviously started somewhere. and yes, of course, someone saw it as a business opportunity. not an entirely honest or ethical one in my opinion, but an opportunity to make money. chicken-and-egg always creates some amount of turmoil in these kinds of discussions. the fact is, we really don't know what came first. in fact, it doesn't really matter at this point. NCSoft had the rule and it was broken and they didn't work fast enough to fix it when the best opportunity to do so was there. so L2 became a game of bots. it's pretty well known throughout the gaming community that L2 is infested with bots and always has been. it may be irredeemable at this point. it may just be too little too late. and honestly, that's just incredibly sad. L2 is the most amazing game out there in my opinion, despite its ancient platform, despite its outdated technology, it still has the best of all worlds. it's amazingly well thought out and created. but it's infested with bots. it would be lovely if NCSoft would be proactive, even if it is late in the game - figuratively speaking - and not the best timing for cleaning up the game. but i believe if they did many veteran L2 gamers would return to L2. so many have left because of the bots and imbalances in the economy that they create. so many people have stated in the forums they are sad to leave but they find the game simply unplayable with the bot disruption in the servers. am i still here because i'm just a bad habit dummy or because i really do love the game? maybe some of both, but i can say i do truly love the game. tried others, they didn't measure up. i took a 5 year break from L2 and when i couldn't find something to replace it with i played farmville... yeah. it was that bad. so i'm rambling now. chicken and egg - creationists believe the chicken and egg were created at the same time. you know, little bolts of lightning and puffs of smoke, boom, there they were. and god said you, chicken, shall create more eggs. coulda been two guys over beer somewhere who said, you know, if you good sir were to create a market of adena, we could create a simultaneous market for adena. and it was begun. and it wasn't interfered with and the business gods said, this is good. and one adena sale begat another adena sale which begat another adena sale and pretty soon we had elpies of adena sales rising to the sky. yes, this is good, they said. and NCSoft sat by and said, yes, this is too much work for us to deal with. carry on good fellows. because that surely had to be NCSoft's response in the beginning or we wouldn't be where we are now. ~stepping off my soapbox..

    why are you trolling? we aren't crying. we are discussing bots and botting. not how to play the game. i rather thought that was pretty clear. thanks though a new thread can be created - in fact, i believe there may be some threads already, about how to play. tips and tricks for doing things right. everyone has their own style of gameplay, one way is not necessarily perfectly better than another. it's a game, we're here to have fun. and while this topic is about bots it is also about bots getting in the way of our fun. please, you are welcome to create your own thread about how to play L2. this thread, however, is not for that. Happy Hunting!

    @KIttyL1n i think it is fair to say that we all know how to play L2. spamming the thread with your tips may be useful for someone but we do know and understand the game. thanks for your input.

    (side note: i agree and have stopped replying..) and you do make a fair point. so yes, NCSoft absolutely should enforce all rules. STARTING with their rules about bots. get rid of the bots you have no buyers. end of story. people who would otherwise be legitimate players have the opportunity to be legitimate players without ban. just get rid of the stupid bots. all of them. in the fields, in the towns, making adena, selling adena.. a bot is a bot. get rid of them. it really isn't rocket science. i think i've said that before too... so okay. i agree to marginally agree with you

    hopefully NCSoft staff realizes that most of us participating in this thread are enjoying the discussion. if it gets locked we can start a new one... c'est la vie

    we are having a reasonable discussion that so far has remained insult-free. isn't it nice how people are allowed to have different opinions?