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  1. Everyone got the same message, including winner. While the winner will receive a mail with your item.
  2. No. The major problem is: it seems the designer of this classic version was thinking everyone would be hardcore and want to spend some big amount of money on the game. Unfortunately, at least most of the real players now play causal and want to spend only something on par of the ticket price of a good film. We are not back to challenging BOTs.
  3. New Lineage II Classic Server: Gludio

    Just one more question: what kind of ticket should we submit to transfer Launch Pack? Thanks
  4. Read the description of the rune. You will find it is not supported
  5. If the headquarter of your company is in EU and you worked in NA, you know it all.
  6. EST is -5, CST/EDT -4, PST -8 You know it and you know it
  7. I would strongly recommend kick-off those fishers every half an hour
  8. Europe Server

    It is about the game market share. For areas with local Lineage2 distributor, the distributor from other areas should not touch their customers, theoretically. That's why RU banned NA IPs, vise versa
  9. Europe Server

    When EU classic server launched, NA players were declined bu banning ip. I had to use vpn to even start the game. It is said the market is divided by physical locations. So now I think maybe we should expel EU users too? Ban Asian IPs for sure! And ban any IPs with more than 200 connections please. I am pretty sure they are VPN servers.