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  1. i've seen it done on a mobile game called "invasion", for translating chinese to english, and it was quite the thing pretty amazing that even that is possible nowadays Anyways.. that topic aside. To the LAZY Latin Americans out there, u should learn at least BASIC ENG (stuff like "you, me,go, what, this, yes, no" etc ) its an international game not an unofficial Latin-american private server, so i'd suggest you at least to try and play without complaining about it lol On a side note: i am also Latin , and i, unlike the ppl that complain about the langauge barrier, try xD. If
  2. i wonder why dont they use the "ip recognition feature" they got to ban those botters for good? after all, IP recognition is there for something... right?
  3. free transfers from Giran & Talking island to Aden pls haha
  4. I'd say u go to the L2 main folder and try to unckeck any file (under properties) that have the "Read only" attribute checked. Something similar happened in Aion (another of their games) a long time ago , and that used to be a temporary fix see if it helps ya hehe.
  5. i think if they act against bots and people who use 2 clients at the same time, the server login problem should be more or less solved, but well, perhaps we will have to wait and see what they end up doing. I don't believe they want their "clients" (free and vip ones) leaving the server more and more empty so, they'll do something about it for sure (if people complain enough about it). Have your hopes up mate!
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