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  1. Adena Amount vs GK Prices

    Waiting for the first UBERS to come in game. trust me they will destroy the use of GK 4ever.. UBERS alraidy dominate the majority of puplic transportation....
  2. Why I love this game!!

    thats what we call dedication
  3. Why I love this game!!

    only the part about fun in discord and maybe could use a litlle more sleep but hey who doesnt?
  4. Why I love this game!!

    IF you need some counceling let me know. got some people i could refer you too 1 free tip. Its all about balance.
  5. Starting to call in sick for work 8 years relationship going down to sh1t in a matter of 4 weeks Back and Neck and wrists starting to hurt starting to eat unhealthy / moving freezer close to PC having tons of fun with people on Discord about politics and such. oh yeah and not to even start speaking about the lack of sleep. Oh yes Something tells me i am on a good track! This game must be Super fantastic!!! Thank you NCsoft for making my life more pleasant again Keep grinding people good things will come to those who do good. ( disclaimer: if you dont understand the sarcasm in this post than please dont reply)
  6. The reason i might quit 1 day is because of all the topics where people find 100000 reasons to quit... this whole forum is just 1 big joke forums used to be fun.... PEOPLE START THINKING ABOUT REASONS TO PLAY INSTEAD OF QUITTING. This advice also works in Real live!! every time making up reasons not to do something will not give you anything in live! bye bye at least 1 players less we have to wait for in queue
  7. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    Excuse me sir sleepy eyes...
  8. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    Full event details.... maybe make sure these event details are correct. it shows all kind of rewards that are surely not ment to be in a classic server...