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  1. Thats exactly what i am doing now. No hope that they can fix anything. We should just forget the bug report.
  2. Will you fix that bug or not. I have wasted more than 3k bssd....
  3. I noticed that sometimes the auto use of spiritshot chnage automatic to blessed spiritshot. It happens when you hit raidbosses or target that require more than 5 hits. Could you please investigate this issue. I end up wasting 1k blessed.
  4. After farming two days in Forgotten Temple i think the item/material drop ratio is 0.001%. We killed more than 1k mobs and got only silver nuggets as drop. Could you please check if everything is ok with the drop ratio?
  5. There are more than enough ways to solve the problems you mentioned. Limitation IP check etc. for shops. The AFK fishing is a simple calculation for the time you are offline... You should not physical illustrate the fishing. And i can tell you 10 other ways, but it is not my job to think a solutions I suggest an they should think how and if it possible and viable solution.
  6. I suggest you to make the fishing and store/craft stores oflline, so the players dont have to stay online for such things. That will reduce the server population. Many private server doing that, if they can, i am sure NCsoft can it either.
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