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  1. Increase buff duration

    You all know this will eventually happen and it was included in the rework of BD and SWS in another market.

    Is sad people still don't get it, why do you think they added the loop macro, unlimited clients and removed XING? if you can't beat the enemy, ?? Exactly.
  3. Elemental Master's Pony is a GOD!

    Forgot also Ponies have: 829 attack speed 1155 Casting speed 233 speed just lol
  4. Elemental Master's Pony is a GOD!

    Pony 77 factual stats: 9k HP = Check 5k P attack= Check 9k M attack= Check 1.6k P def= Check 1.1k M def= Check 2000 range= Check AOE, Melee and Nuker all in one pet= Check @Hime @Juji See the picture ? Ponies are extremely OP, is funny to see a pet with more stats than a lvl 80 player with full epics and ++ weapon in Ag armor full buffed.
  5. You guys finally fixed the login message and now shows 50%..so..
  6. So easy to solved this issue, removed the top gifts, leave the NPC and the cake event in EVERY town at the same time so it will balance the players influx and not crash the server, give the same amount of exp from Fioti and the rice/white assassin box. Problem solved.
  7. Let me guess Boq is also part of your bot group? nice script you running there, what 2 already?
  8. Cake Fail

    You really didn't think this one through didn't you? Made 1 cake for all levels in 1 town with rewards so crazy my brain can't even comprehend, the level of stupidity for the game developers are off the charts, sorry guys I'm coming hard on you but this is beyond words,. You should've created separate events for different levels and different rewards not this shit!, come on really? A level 1 character can win a TOP A +15 weapon! Please do something about this, also the cake just keep spawning and no Fioti.
  9. Cake Fail

    You meant the Adrenaline scripters? It wouldn't surprise me they found a way to do faster damage.
  10. Cake Fail

    @Juji @Hime Come on guys you have to do something about this craziness, split the damn cakes with level limitations.
  11. Well like I said too many people they cake doesn't die ... lol
  12. Is so funny, us who are camping and farming raid bosses, those who are trying to get the best with hard work and there comes an event to give it for free to farmers with 500 toons logged in.
  13. When cake dies an NPC shows up, you need to speak with her to get the reward.
  14. No level restriction for cake? god.. is going to be 10000000 toons in Elven town.
  15. Problems with Attribute System

    Also they don't drop if you have a char in your group 10 level below.
  16. You guys started playing last night? don't you know that NCsoft is notorious for ninja patching.
  17. Icons Bugged

  18. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    Notes, how this event works?
  19. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    Servers are coming up in an hour and no event notes?
  20. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    Surprise!! we got Brooches for sale!!
  21. exp boost stacking

    Yes, it does stack.
  22. Classic Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    Mysterious from Oriana? yeah they will stay
  23. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    Well I bought these boxes mostly because of the exp pots, scrolls and runes, one thing I noticed besides the +16 and +8 boxes is that the 100% 2 hour runes or the Golden Mermaid doesn't drop at all. 500 boxes I didn't get +16 or +8 weapon box, Rune 100% 2 hours, Mermaid's Tears, IEWB, A or C, Talisman Baium and AQ doll. I got 1 cloth and practically everything else from the list, but what I found very concerning and weird is that I didn't get any 100% 2 -hour rune or Mermaid's Tears.