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  1. Issue - Bonus 50% exp/sp dropped

    Turn on the extra experience boost feature for another week as promised, how hard can that be?

    Probably running 3 service processes? check your Windows task manager and look at processes or restart the PC.
  3. Note

    ^^ Joke of the day.!
  4. I didn't get any EXP back ....!!! good going NcWest
  5. Why Lineage Loss People

    wow, I just got a headache reading that.
  6. Happy Holidays from the Lineage II team!

    and Happy New Year!
  7. The client will be closed. Continue?

    Weekly update my friend, all servers are down. https://l2.laby.fr/status/
  8. 2 months into game

    Stable and Improved scrolls, making a huge amount of toons to do the quest every week and exchange from the luxury store, takes time and is annoying.
  9. Weapon Augmentation

    nvm I found the answer, thanks
  10. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Can you please add C grade soulshots to the L2 store, problem solved.
  11. People should start using Amazon https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=ncoin , the easiest way to get Ncoins, buy, get the code, enter the code in the Lineage2 webpage, Done.
  12. I have a DE archer and I spent a great amount of time doing Elven Quest and spiders to purchase my Comp Bow, I bought SS and lvl 2 buff scrolls from the L2store but is more like saving when you buy NCoins, when you spent NCoin you actually saving VIP points toward the future, as now I have 8000 VIP points saved and I won't have to spend more to keep my level at VIP 4. Yesterday afternoon I spent about 4 hours at Ol Mahum camp and I made about 50k (mostly 1 shooting and selling drops). that's my 2 cents.

    Bump this, very important
  14. The main issue...server is not turning on...
  15. Lineage 2 Vip Tier Calculator beta

    I tried calculating for 12 months and comes to $240 (including the initial $50), $20 per month not bad, used to be $14.99 back in 2004.
  16. That ^.... wait until you see all areas with Korean, Russian and Chinese botting groups and don't get me started with the Catacombs.
  17. I really don't remember having loop macros back in 2004, yeah keep it classic like it was before, no macros. Thanks

    This is one of the oldest scams in L2, I remember falling for it back in C1, lost my armor and my +7 dual Katanas!! lol sorry to said dude but you got scammed!.

    Spartan!! you need to update this video bro!
  20. @Conguero Why after so long we got ninja patch and you have re-enabled port fees again? not a single word about this, are you trying to get rid of whatever adena is left in the server? >(
  21. What I meant with "not rewarding at all" is that I spent 3 hours in the game waiting to see if at least I would get coins, but instead I wasted 3 hours.
  22. No as rewarding I can understand, not rewarding at all is just like Emanuelson said "Slap in the face".
  23. Like 0.0000000001% winning probability.
  24. So free event but you brought back port cost huh? I know is very little cost but still, wonder why after so long, care to enlight Conguero?