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  1. same problem stuck in dimensional I am hoping issue clears up after next patch
  2. I would consider this game a subscription based title. You buy ncy coin to play more then casual. Free if you log unfrequently with limited play energy.
  3. If you log out you have to reset. If you have task bar locked you have to unlock to register auto potions. Manual process each time you log in out.
  4. What npc and city do i find skill books for third class Storm blaster specifically skill book piercing thust.
  5. you can survive if you run away and disable auto pickup. AOE skill is cast automatically when your auto fight cast.
  6. macros work but you have to double click each use
  7. read skill descriptions well says single target in skill or near by characters. Books drop from bosses
  8. Aden with dual sword stamp
  9. you have to be on auto hunt and an additional tip is to disable pickup. Keep moving around cause AO skill has a cool down
  10. fixed i change resolution to basic and popped up
  11. My magic lamp goes up but i cant access the use tab. I reset window settings etc still does not come up. Any clue how to solve
  12. you got my loyalty but if i don't see bots being banned from start I'm out. Tired of botters.
  13. there really testing anti bot for upcoming release of Aden 2 which i hope is extremely successful
  14. My suggestion is get rid the bots restrict accounts on one computer. Game is dying i have been vip from start but the updates are not helping. I did enjoy the collection update and the Transformation updates. But take a walk in TOI floor four nothing but bots. Dont even want to buy nccoins anymore. Finding my self looking for other Lineage2 servers. Very said but i have been here with ncsoft in the past. I see you trying but i fear the average players will not play much anymore. Game is no longer classic play and that very challenge is what drew me back.
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