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  1. Im taking break from title wont be playing much till I see bot banning. I surely wont be spending any more money on coins. Im a dwarf don't appreciate what you doing to my class. Signed on for classic not all the content updates. will be playing eve online again
  2. Stock feathers notice time they pk dont go afk. Use newbie protection buffs.
  3. bomb of event over 20 years game exp and this event was lag city. No rewards no npc etc etc
  4. L2 has improved

    Yea its improved, improved so much bots dont even hide.
  5. Looks like a lot of content. But i will say this if bot use continues unchecked; i shall be moving on. The cheating has unbalanced game play i can not find much joy in content update. Bot report is useless
  6. I will support NC soft I can afford to plop down 20 dollars. I would really like to see some banning. Because they are getting very high these bot accounts. I am sure that to get plus ten you would have to spend thousands and I'm not that type of person. Game is cool fun but the bots have to go. Funny how palyers can abuse bot report function on real players but no such action on real bots.
  7. Lots of players leaving

    I don't agree there will always be bots if they start mass banning. I saw like ten toons setup shop with lvl 6 7 items in the hundreds you now they are likely bots accounts and controlled. I would pk them every chance if they had pvp scrolls I would buy many many fathifully
  8. I would really like to see some action on all these bots. Cant stand it much longer.
  9. Trying to enchant set to plus six seven need backup items for failure. PM me prices. paying 80k for helmet 60k for shield
  10. bots festival

    well not hard to find I run across all time so easy to spot.
  11. Good to see banning I have been playing l2 20 years reason I left was bots adena sales etc. Game is awesome but botting is pure game kill.