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  1. It was done intentionally because healers were rooting everyone in pvp and attacking with the bow. You could root people over and over because there was no diminishing return on the skills back then.Since then casters have a penalty with a bow equipped
  2. As casters level they also get a couple passive regen skills and nukers get one that lets you regen faster when walking instead of running. MEN stat used to affect regen too but I have no idea if that's still the case or not.
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    Not only would I,I did.
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    I've reported people for Holocaust jokes recently but then I blocked them so I have no idea if it led to anything. Most likely a warning then a 24 hour ban before a permanent one
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    The extra drop chance of everyone in the group is added together and that total divided equally among the party members.
  6. It's always been my experience that an xp group drops a boxed healer for a live one. It's actually kind of a pain in the ass to heal a full party AND play another active toon. A lot of time boxes are kept with a group but not in it because they have better buffs than the live buffer in group
  7. My understanding is that they can't do anything about it, but it's against the TOS. Where it screws you is if anything shady ever happens to your account (getting hacked, missing items or adena, a missed bot report, etc) they won't help you. They'll just tell you that it's the reason they don't allow account sharing and you're stuck with the fallout.
  8. +1 on this It defaults to whichever costs the most. I'm still carrying the newbie sps, I've also got blessed from the l2store, and both types from the npc shop. Without fail, it will keep switching to the npc blessed sps. When that's exhausted, it moves to the npc SpS, then the L2 store shots.
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