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  1. Leveled 3 chars to 20+, 50k adena in total so far. I will not be able to level my main (monk, have training gloves...) until I get hold of a decent pair of fists and atm I don't have the funds. Maybe a fourth char will do the trick? Then I can get myself a pair of fists and be left with 0 adena. Looking forward to grinding towards the 1mil+ adena for decent d-grade weap and 600k+ adena for jewlery and armor. Maybe 20 more chars to level 20? All this just to get one char playable. Yeah, nothing's wrong with this server... bet I can keep on levling the monk in some way if I stay fully buffed at all times. Get money NC, get money!
  2. No fists

    Having to spend all your adena for a mid no-grade fist weapon at level 20 is what NCsoft intended? Or am I supposed to wield this 1 hand sword ignoring all my newely gotten monk skills?