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  1. @Juji What about BOTs? Reporting button do nothing. They can daily farm tons of mats and adena, move to another character and sell it. The whole process to reproting them to support take SOOO LONG that do nothing again. Yesterday i was on spot and saw 2 groups of bots, i sleep and back to the game after like 12h and they are still on the same spot and still make same moves. WTF is going on? You guys talk to reporting them to support. Do i look like a NC employee? Its your company job not my. I dont get anything for that. Get there someone to do this DAMN JOB! So big company and you dont even
  2. We dont get adena and spoil fix but we have now 2 more hats in L2store! Thats GREAT! RIght? F TEAH! Now, i just need to sold my kidney on darknet and thats it! Im like pro! NC soft <3
  3. @Hime Im from EU. First i think its gona be laggy AF to play here, but i try and its rly cool, not laggy at all. My friend ask me why i play on Giran server if i have so much private servers. I answer to him "coz i want to play on NCsoft server, the original one and feel like in 2004". You have no idea how dissapointed im... adena amount is so LOW its not even funny and thats all coz you guys want us to pay for shots from l2store. Thats fkd up. I dont know what to say. This server have more bugs or intentionaly issues than most of private servers.
  4. Its not about drop rate but about AMOUNT that drop.
  5. Malgoth

    DC QUEUE!!

    FOR GOD SAKE!!!!!!!!!! Im gona destroy something in my house today! FIX YOUR GAME NC SOFT!!!! 3 hours trying to log in and when QUEUE at 1-45 ppl i got DC! Is that rly hard to fix shit like this? JESUS CHRIST! SAVE US from incompetence!
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