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  1. 18 minutes ago, Shoppy said:

    There used to be. The Korean Dev team removed it because in their little Korean-only world, hero chat is important and not full with trash talk from exploiters and RMT lords.

    Might want to read my post one more time.

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  2. 7 hours ago, mixa said:

    Invest in +12 Bloody fists 2 or 3SA.Also get Abundance lv1, maybe Anakim talisman (cheap stuff). You don't need any fancy armor, so maybe find a cheap +8 blessed TW light set (very cheap too and rather good). Get a better belt, CH one preferably, like Lidia, Gustav or Nurka. Also invest in a at least +7 Elmore Cloak (17-19b).

    There are many points of improvement, but see you you can get these above and what Adena you've left after.

    Any idea what’s a decent price range for those? Fists I saw at 34-35b lately. Think I’ve seen TW at 8b this week?

    Other stuff if there’s some on AH it’s easier to evaluate a decent price but less common things or sets I can’t be sure.

    What I have now I basically got maybe 1-2 years ago before quitting and coming back and haven’t been paying much attention to market.

    Also very much appreciate the tips. Already gave me a much better idea of what direction to take.

  3. Gear details, rather basic stuff.

    STR 4/4/5

    +4 Twilight LA Set 60s elements

    STR+3, p.atk +5% hair accessory

    Commando Belt

    +4 Apo Fists, lv5 Might lv5 Focus

    Orfen's Soul/Zaken/Creation/Earth Wyrm/Enhanced Octavis

    Lv2 Ruby/Emerald/Diamond/Pearl

    Stage 16 Venir/Destruction


  4. I do intend to get them as high as possible alongside the main character.

    Current gear is nothing spectacular. +4 full ele SA’ed apoc fists and +4 TW set. Orfen/Zaken/Earth and I’m at work and forgot the others xD. (Will update with details tonight) +13 str dyes. I’ve not needed more until now but planning to upgrade soon-ish once I know what I can optimize with 30billion. Probably not much.

    I don’t farm anywhere special. Just been following the solo spots game has been sending me to with quests. Sometimes just macro-ing AFK while doing other things but actively playing most of the time.

    Goal is to be able to do more difficult stuff with those boxes. What exactly I don’t know either yet. Still lacking in knowledge of this game a lot compared to way back then sadly.

  5. Honestly most of the world map should be re-used for higher level ranges with similar exp/mob density across the board among same level areas.

    Experience quests should also be tied to all those areas at once. Why have one per spot? Just make one that lets you hunt in like 10 different zones for the same quest items.

    It would spread out the population a bit and people wouldn't feel obliged to endure going to the optimal spot if there's 10 other just as viable ones around.

  6. Been pretty much cruising along up to 101 solo on my Eviscerator but feeling a bit of a wall coming my way in terms of survivability by myself.

    Been exploring a couple spots and mobs seem to become a lot beefier and hit harder even in "solo" spots.

    So basically been considering running a small support team to drag along for buffs/heals but honestly have no idea which ones would be optimal.

    Don't think I'd go for more than 3 accounts (including the eviscerator) but I could potentially consider 4 if it would make a massive difference.

    So what's the norm? Buffer and a healer? Maybe a 4th something else?

    What works well with Eviscerator? Hierophant? Droomcryer? Dominator? Something else?

    Same for healer, which one?

    Also running a Feoh dual but not sure how much I'll be playing that honestly.

    Last time I've ran boxes level cap was pre-awakening 85 so I fear I'm a bit out of the loop :S


  7. I guess kill stealing 50% of the time is better than 100% of the time...right? Sigh...:(

    Seriously though, this needs massive improvements. Walker did this better 15 years ago. You've already made everyone bots with this system might as well make us good bots.

    Main problem : Swapping targets correctly when a mob is already taken. If this occurs after someone else has registered a hit on it, it's too late. You should simply not be able to target a mob that is already targeted. If you don't intend to make it work that way, at least make it react faster. I can literally fully deplete a mob's HP after someone else has hit it first before target changing kicks in.

    Feelsbadman, but at least we're on the right path.

  8. On 8/1/2019 at 10:51 PM, Althar said:

    Why does "Manner mode" sound like something that can be toggled on/off...

    Called it in the update thread.

    Should have never been an option, should be how the system always works.

    It's freaking kill stealing NC, what the shit were you guys thinking when you made this?

    "So I'm going to leave 20$ on the counter, you can either steal it, or not steal it. There will be no consequences either way".

    Did you really expect everyone would follow the "honor system" crap and that it would work out? Please...

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