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  1. Eh, poor design then. Plenty of spots I can go to at 96 I found out but none of them remotely worth it.

    Closest one I've been to would be Seal of Shilen.

    Others were 10-20m per mob and as long or longer to kill, makes no sense.

    A bit of balance would be nice to give players options on where they can gain experience.

  2. Haven't played in years and decided to log in and mess around. Wow

    Just, wow.

    Bots forget how to turn on the "do not kill steal" option? Or they don't have one anymore?

    And what's with this in-game botting feature? Not making this better they all KS your shit too. Might want to look into that, NC.

    Thinking there's no point stepping into Silent Valley again unless I decide to bo...sorry I mean "afk macro" myself there too.

    Shame all the other spots I've been to are horrendous exp compared to it. Like, 1/10th the exp rate for the same level range.


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