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  1. I'm getting this error! I've arrived today home (i was on vocation for 1 week, i've played some times there with no problems) and now i got this error, i use NET VIRTUA edit: when i tried to use internet of celphone it works! How can i fix it to use router wifi?
  2. Ian

    Best Wynn PVP/PVE

    So whats the best class for oly? Worth to create a summoner nowdays?
  3. Ian

    Best Wynn PVP/PVE

    Hello, i'm new and i'm thinking to create a wynn main for pvp and dual for pve, there are a best class for pvp/pve? I was thinking in human for pvp and elf for pve I saw all skills from all of them and they looks pretty same, elf looks better for pve but for pvp i think all looks same so... i'm lost I'm not a p2w player i'm thinking to spend money only in prestige pack, thanks <3
  4. Thanks so much for your advices! U're right but i dont have much time to play and i lvl up boxes too so in kartia i need macro to put all boxes attacking boss. I realy need macro to lvl up, i hope that i could train while i play doing daily quests. <3
  5. Hey there! I'm new on game and now i've started a feoh soulhound and its look so dificult to play, could someone give me a hand on macros? Like boss macro: first skill second skill third skill etc Macro for up afk first skill second skill third skill etc Macro for PvP first skill second skill third skill etc Realy appreciate any help! I realy dont know how to put skill orders, my char alaways stucks some seconds. <3
  6. Thanks for advice! I am trying to play 4fun, its nostalgic game, i was like 10 years without play it. I tried the guilotine fortress but yes, it was full of bots, garden of genesis i did not tried yet, there are some monster that i have to focus or any one give nice spoil? Thanks! I will PM for sure! Thanks for this advice, i've created a feoh kamael (lvl 75 now) its seens to be a cheaper class, idk. Very sad and truth, everyone says to me to not start play here, but like i said, i ill try to play 4fun, i just dont know how can i make adena just for my SoulShots, i
  7. Hello, i've started playing on freya less then a month ago and i'm very sad with my character, maybe i'm just a nub that dont know what to do. Look, i've created a othell fortune seeker for my main char, it is lvl 97 dual lvl 95 othell dark elf, and i dont have adena even for soulshots! I have a ISS 97/95 too and a healer 96 to help me level up on macro, how can i make adena with spoil? If i craft some immortal set i will pay to craft, beause i cant sell it, there any place that worth spoil? Or should i make other character? Thanks so much!
  8. Hahah best comment, gratz for the free event ncsoft.
  9. Ian

    BUG Mentor?

    Hello, every time that i try to add a mentee and her cancel i got 2 days penality, after i wait for it i got more 2 days penality if i try to add someone and her cancel again, it is normal?
  10. Please make events for real players and not pay 2 win events
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