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  1. Please stop comparing classic with c1-c2, classic is a chronic of its own and has nothing to do with C1-C2 or whatever.
  2. Yeah u pay to see Nolan's Batman and end up watching Clooney's one and still complain!!??
  3. I feel ur pain bro, Im a lvl 42 spoiler and Im poor as f...k coz I cannot spoil anything. In fact I actually gave up on spoiling and use my mana to overhit with stun :D.
  4. The difference between you and the "cryers" is that the you never played a classic server so you got nothing to compare ur experience in this server with any previous ones, while they did and for sure they feel frustation like me for investing in a server that was announced as 1.5 AoS and then gets release like this abomination where a lot of things arent working as they should. And btw we're talking about retail that should set the standards for server quality and costumer service, instead we have this....
  5. There were never rates any worse than we have here, korea had the same rates but u could increase them by 400% by purchasing VIP. U know nothing Jon Snow.
  6. Is that suppose to be some kind of joke where you are from? Damn you must be fun at parties.
  7. Wanna know how many people are actually playing? Do this, server max pop. - (shops+fishing+afk+boxes+bots) and u will see what you think is a "full server", aint that full.
  8. True, most of them quit instead of complaining.
  9. Im a lvl 41+ BountyHunter, leveled at the best AOE spots with a pole till lvl 37 and Im still poor as f....k. So I went to cruma to spoil Mordeos for animal bones only to realize that instead of mordeos spoiling 1-17 with around 80% chance, they spoil only 1.... sometimes. Not broken at all.
  10. Get down from ur white horse, make a spoiler lvl 40+ and go check it for urself.
  11. Just put everything x1. Coz increasing 2x something that is 0.05x-0.10x is not that big of a deal.
  12. Make spoil great again! Just put the rates how they should be, x1.
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