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  1. HI! I'm new too. Why elemental summoner is better then others?
  2. Spoil Rates

    I'm lvling a human wizard to be my main warlock. I think i'll follow your words
  3. Spoil Rates

    Hello! I started playing yesterday. I'm lvling up a Spoiler and i'd like to know if it is worth a spoiler to make extra adena? I read a lot negative comments about spoil rates. Spoiling used to be the best way to make adena. What else you guys suggest?
  4. I tried 4-5 times yesterday and 10+ times today. Always get DC'ed.
  5. I have the same problem. I can login into Giran server (8 GMT) But i want to play in the +1 GMT or -5GMT, because i'm at -3GMT. I always get crashed