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  1. Live Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    Please take down Chronos and get a grip in life! Aden to Oren even when porting wasn't free was 6k.......60k now.......have you all lost your flipping minds? Buy adena from NCWEST to be able to port vs. buy nothing and QUIT......have seen a lot of asinine moves in 15 yrs....this one's an idiotic beauty!
  2. @Draecke is caged without any out
  3. @PrincessZelda "I SPENT MONEY WITHOUT ANY BENEFIT"......unfortunately welcome to L2....you have to get used to the reply of: That is the way the game mechanics are set up.......Be advised: this pertains to advertised items that are unconfirmed as to benefits under the premise to which they were sold being truthful.....right down to mistakes by either the company or the individual that result in the same response.
  4. @JujiI'm sorry...but that's your only take away from this thread? Main Point: This 95/184 cap, makes it difficult to keep buying gear. And the most bound items added to my toon the worse the situation gets. Pretty soon Top players will not be able to switch class. PS. Hate to say 'I told you so' Wiener but as I said in chat in cp comms...it`s pointless. For the future, we should all just have our 15 yr momento toons that 99.9 % of ppl still around use solely for a WH. Forget the fact that ppl increased their WH + Inv storages via game items to not have this problem via a logical % based ability/threshold. PHYCH! LOL
  5. @Juji @Hime What’s the point of your 15th Anniversary? This is not to be taken as a rhetorical question; however, even though you recently advertise that you read all posts and might not have an answer because you are still working on them, we all know quite well that you: Provide no meaningful responses on virtually 99.99% of issues raised by paying customers; and, certainly only answer those who you favor, as exhibited in your company’s subjective method of doling out ‘1-time exceptions’. Notwithstanding the fact that what you deem ‘1-time exceptions’ as a momentous favor to your paying customer rather than taking responsibility of your company’s shortfalls in these areas – but venturing off the subject atm. Regardless of your non-action and absolute lack of engaged customer service, what’s the point of your 15th year anniversary except to blow your own horn that the game has lasted 15 years – current condition and engagement of your paying customer base not taken into consideration obviously? It certainly isn’t to reward the ‘paying customer’; otherwise, you would not be marrying the 15 year tribute gift every year to the 2004 toons. What you have never seemed to understand whether by lethargy or not caring, is that there are people behind the screens and people who are paying for this game over the years via different avenues – monthly subscriptions, or now you *cough* pay to play path; and, that these exact people get more ticked off at your anniversary bs every year it continues. These people have played this game and may continue to play this game because: Lack of any other reasonable alternative, and amount of time & money invested amongst numerous characters. So as you can see, people who have been around since 2004 have played ‘in spite’ of staff, and certainly not for the ‘customer care’ shown to them. Everyone will have their own personal stories of being blindsided by company changes in the game resulting in what was advertised by the company not being true and negatively affecting their play. For example, in ’04 Glads were advertised as all that for numerous reasons given by the company only to find out over the next year that they really weren’t all that and basically stunk. So one might have gone range and decided that cc gameplay was the way and chosen an Arch. Guess what, your company then nerfs the sorc for what….10 years. Regardless of the exact example, they exist throughout the paying community; yet, you have taken the most basic, simplistic, and cop-out way of professing how great you are in your now 15th scraping by anniversary. So in advance, I want to thank you for your 15th token of showing me (and others) how foolish we have been and have my valakas agath and w/e this year’s token will be on a parked glad, sell shop account. Incredible how you think having this on a white elephant toon VS. putting in a bit more of an effort asking for ‘submit a ticket’ with a screenshot of the B-Day and a ‘please deposit the item with my current toon’ after having provided you with proof of longevity of the ‘actual player’. One way (your current way) does nothing but tick off the ones who have continued to play in spite of the company, and the other…well just proper business and customer care.
  6. Anniversary event

    Interesting the post above was done before the new 'message & information'; however, I'd be remiss if one thing wasn't pointed out. There have been no responses to anything & we are to believe that there are no answers...but...you have looked at them all. Then answer this, if you are indeed looking/reviewing posts: Ppl have posted on numerous occasions that the fishing event did not stack as advertised. So are we to now believe that "If you don’t see us responding, it isn’t because we are ignoring you. Sometimes we don’t have a good answer, or we are looking for an answer or we cannot comment on the issue at the time." - So bottom line, in all this time this can neither be checked and or verified that your advertised 'percentages' are actually reality...yet...you are still selling this item....and this is only one topic/item. How do you expect anyone to take your new comments as real given it in no way reflects anything close to what has been experienced by your paying customers.
  7. Anniversary event

    The only thing I've seen since '04 is the continued and increasing lack of customer support / customer response / lack of any erring on the side of your paying customers (vs. current PFO path). Several breaks in game playing has been a two-sided sword - you get to miss the spiraling downfall of service which I guess is good and less frustrating .....however, when you do come back, you get sckerd into somehow thinking 'things can't be that bad'. Hell I would have lost a an even bigger bundle (v. what was spent upon returning) willing to bet that what is actually reality in client service wouldn't have been this asinine. If anyone thinks this is harsh, review the last 'x' number of months and look for any informative response. If that's not enough, the "things are getting cheaper" as an overall approach - was only a misleading monthly pack and not an learned new proper method of game pricing.
  8. This one is actually very easy to answer from personal experience. Paraphrasing NCWEST's previous handling of certain enjoyable game experiences by paying customers: 'It is not our job to fix game results....items have a 1-time use and/or 1-time character specific outcome'. In other words, 'PFO and buy more'. They don't seem to care if it's a glitch, something sold by their company that isn't as advertised, or just plain mistakes by their own company and/or their paying customers.......'we don't make it right...we don't even respond anymore'........but our shop is still open.
  9. @Juji @Hime 1.How hard is it really to reply? 2.How hard is it for you to test baits at each stage of progression and see if it is as advertised? 3.How hard is it to publically state the findings? If: a. It is as advertised, then say it and the issue is put to bed b. If it's not, then take the lost percentage PER PACK @ 2 HRS (i.e. given that is the time you receive via passes) and supply the buyer of each and every pack additional bait at a multiple of packs they purchased from your store. Instead of providing answers & remedies, why would you choose to treat your paying customers in this manner? PS> To all the freeloading comments wanting more free coat tail perks LOL
  10. "....approximately 9 hours...".......nothing new...nothing added....nothing taken away & 9 hours......seems to make one wonder about the customers who paid real $ for L2 items that apparently didn't work as advertised......didn't stack and goodness knows what else.....& what was done to compensate the buyers of each pack for the number of packs they purchased to date.......oh ya, a broadbrush buff for the server ...sry I forgot...... Even the lack of attn. to your purchasing clients should kinda bother even the most callous employee sometime soon, no?
  11. Does "encourage" denote a response might be given? For those who have purchased 'x' number of 3200 nc coin packs, given this was not "our" fault and rests solely on the company, shall we expect some type of reimbursement / item / other in the form of the number of packs purchased by the remedy?
  12. Still no answer and now several days later others are mentioning it. Your items do not stack as advertised...your rewards are clearly not working...last chests resulted in a 77% soul/spirit shot reward. Care to respond.....CARE TO FIX....CARE TO SOMEHOW MITIGATE THE ACTUAL PURCHASERS OF THE PACKS IN SOME MANNER THAT IS APPLICABLE TO THE AMOUNT OF PACKS THEY BOUGHT (i.e. and not a server and/or 1 'sorry item' regardless of how many packs you bought) - if you purchased 10 x 3200 nccoin packs, you get 10 'sorry items'..... That said, you would have to: a. fix the problem, and b. do a proper job at making amends per pack purchased. Does your company have the customer care intention this time @Juji ? Here's hoping that the fix and 'sry' is commensurate; and, the company takes responsibility.
  13. @Juji IMPORTANT HEADS UP TO EVERYONE: The Fishing Event from personal experience is otherwise to be known as a MYSTERIOUS SPIRITSHOT & SOULSHOT EXTRAVAGANZA! Test: 84 gold chests returned 59 x 5k spirit or soul shots = worst ever fishing event in say 3-4 years. Over 70% of the time = SHOTS...... Did you really need to up your current L2 SHOP 40 coin per 100k shot exponentially. Just WOW! Your prices for the event always got worse for your customers and now the returns are absolute garbage.
  14. I looked into my report - no answer. It's quite simple - the fees charged are not as advertised for a character. Hello? Then for shts & giggles, I looked at the first page of reports / topics - guess what => NO ANSWER to any of them. So, here's the deal - you want customers who pay, then have the courtesy to respond either to the thread they took the time to post, or to pm them via a forum mail. Is that really that difficult to figure out.
  15. @Juji Hoping that the new pricing is indicative of a new NCWEST approach - goodness knows it would be appreciated for both current players and also a potential for reaching the 'plz try again' target mkt for your company. Maybe consider popping jewels / cloaks either in store and or event to be available "soon" under this potential 'new reduced pricing model'.......I'm quite sure I'm not alone wanting to see availability of items NOT RUN BY player stockpiles and their pricing. O.o @Juji ...feel free to comment
  16. A Permanent Drop in cost for 'some' L2 store items - certainly a step in the right direction and hopefully only the start of a reduction in the overall price list hopefully; however, albeit a bit redundant as to the timing of this release during the start of the 'Attendance Reward Month'. For those players who participate modestly in an event and then wait for its next launch to step in a bit more (i.e. which certainly might represent the majority of your base), maybe a brooch/jewel event, or a cloak event might not have resulted in a multi-week lag in an L2 store purchase by your customers. *Hint*
  17. "to actually make ppl think twice before pk someone." in a pvp game/server ......best asinine posts in 15 yrs grouped together......LMFAO Cheers .......and I'm out before you find another chip on shoulder / hard done by individual to make it a foursome Not saying anything is close to right with game dynamics on a multitude of lvls, but you guys are funny!
  18. Between @SleepingPower & now @Draecke are u2 bent...seriously (not a rhetorical question this time)? Either no weapon and now 10x xp loss if you die while red..... Simply petition for a pve server if you are that scared to walk out of a town; and, stop the bs nonsense in what is a PVP GAME. *Shakes head*
  19. Punishment for being red is to be disarmed...... and you don't get the weap back until you are clean....... FUNIEST POST IN 15 YRS IN THIS GAME ! So much wrong with this mentality...pointless to even start. Cheers *still lmao*
  20. Teleporting Not Working as Advertised

    Further: -Lvl 40 quest puts to Heine...Alligator Island....Oren....then back to Heine and Alligator to finish lvl to then go back to Oren to get new Quest at 46. A new toon pays for this how? Through adena drops from mobs? Also, if it were truly 200% and 300% XP event, why is it that killing mobs on new toons doesn't put you over lvl on turn in? You would think that if you had to kill 200 mobs as part of one quest, that you would be a higher level when finishing the quest, no? Pre-XP Event or During XP Event - it seems like the same 'top up' post quest is required!
  21. Regardless of whether one thinks that the teleport fees coming back are good, bad, or just simply a pain in the a**, they are not working as intended for new characters. Specifically, "lvl 94 main or below teleporting is free"....not so. New toon lvl 85 main, started a subclass and the lvl 40 sub now pays teleport fees to do quests - Really? Further, the paulina's gear that the toon gets at 40 somehow didn't come with shots.....arrows, but no shots...... If this is intended...kinda poor tbh...if not intended, plz fix......
  22. Thank you...sincerely @Juji The stats on the shirt level enchants would help..can't find them at all. With respect to the removal of the +10 reward, it might be a tad disappointing given that with the new update and the eventual lessoning value of the R99 weap, it could have benefitted both your company (i.e. through more shirt and scroll sales) and the customer who would try to narrow the gap between their current +12 weap (in all likelihood) and a dragon weap with the chance to gamble for a +16 of their choice - maybe a lost opportunity for all with that feature removed.
  23. @Juji @Hime Is answering a basic question that difficult - you started to sell these same items and yet expect customers to buy without any response - SERIOUSLY?. @Draecke There is nothing logical...sry... Actually, logic would dictate that unless otherwise stated...THE EXISTING RULE (i.e. the last one given to the players/buyers of these items) would still be in place until stated that it isn't by those offering the same type of shirts! Either way. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE TRANSPERANT AND 100% CONFIRMED BEFORE STARTING TO SELL THE SAME ITEMS. So maybe due your customers a favor and answer the question - rumor has it you will do yourselves a favor too by allowing those waiting for the answer before purchasing the PROPER INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCT!
  24. @Hime @Juji Two thoughts: 1. Relative to the ability of the L2 store to provide items on a permanent basis, at least it's a start - we'll see if the floodgate opens which most clients in this game think is obviously long overdue. Prices...well....think many will be withdrawing their TYs when the store opens...unless some catastrophic occurrence hit NCWEST bringing it into reality...but hey, not many stranger things have happened but one always assumes there is hope 2. Two Parts: a. Does the same +10 objective/target still result in a 'you name the +16 R99 weap and the +10SAs' result? If yes, when does this trigger - right away with the next weekly update? Or never? b. Scrolls for these shirts one would assume would be part of an initial pack with shirt and/or a separate pkge also available in the L2store? PS. Hoping for permanent cloaks (with all types of scrolls for upgrading), dyes, weapon exchange, dual class swaps (mains will never be done), etc I'm sure there are more.....
  25. "Beleth’s Forgotten Spellbook begins for four weeks." Could someone please explain to me why this is a 4-week event that will basically take a player 1 hr to decide and finish?