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  1. @Hime @Juji , any update to the wait time in loguin? 300 ppl vip and 600 non-vip (minimum 7 hours to try to log any non-vip account). google translate
  2. the problem of the large queues continue, 756 ppl 7 hours waiting and nothing. How to play like this? PAY TO PLAY?
  3. And the login of non-vip accounts? Let's stay on until when? 700ppl at 23:00 / 01:04 550ppl.
  4. @Hime @Juji how will the items have timeout for who can not log in?
  5. How do I get my money back? I am totally dissatisfied and my friends can not play.
  6. @ Juji @ Hime I do not know what's worse, disconnect or 8 hours of waiting with 700+ ahead and not having success. Google Tradutor.
  7. increases server capacity to 12k ppl.
  8. Stop thinking about money. The players want to play. Increase the capacity of the servers to 12k and this will end the wait.
  9. Since they do not fix the problem of the server allow us to transfer the char at no cost to the other servers.
  10. @Juji @Hime disconnected 4 times without seeing the char. Either you did not find the problem or just want donates playing, if the second option is correct then the server will be left with few players in a short time. and if that's what you planned, congratulations the server is not free to play and yes pay to play.
  11. The problem is that many players are disappointed with the server. what good is upar my main char if I can not log my support? my friends who do not have vip can not log in and are leaving the server. It will get the point of being alone on the server and having to abandon it.
  12. It continues the same thing, failing to log after 400 in the queue. Clowning. You do not respect the players. 10 minutes waiting in line to take disconnect without per the pin.
  13. @Juji, We need this urgent repair, not next week. So continuing the server will not come to an end before the end of the month. 4 of my 18 players have already given up playing here. Google translate.
  14. another problem is the 10% + of xp lost. You can not do it like this, the correct one would be the 4%.
  15. I'm sorry, but that's a lack of respect for the players. We are in 18 players, but only 5 or 6 can connect. If it continues this week we will go back to the server where we left and already have clans known ours that I am also thinking of abandoning the classic. IMPOSSIBLE TO CONECTE IN TALKING ISLAND.
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