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  1. Skill description says: MP Cost: 1 on the info text stands: Depending on the level, MP is consumed continuously. I am Level 46, and it consumes 20 MP per tick. Is this intended? http://prntscr.com/lfmh6l
  2. An Update on Greater Dyes

    Hello Ncsoft, I would like to ask somethin for my understanding. For myself, Classic was introduced in EU with +12 Dyes and I know you make some things different. On the Update to 1.5 the stat WIT got kinda nerfed, to balance nukers going +12 WIT, additional all Mages received the skill "Spell Master, Casting Spd +10%, M.Critical Rate +10". If a mage would still go for +12 WIT he kinda would have a lil bit less Cast Speed and M.Crit. And now you gonna limit to +5 WIT, but still gonna give mages a BONUS from +10% cast spd and +10 M.Crit rate? This skill was introduced, based on characters going +12 Dyes. Another think is for me the difference between Lineage2 and Lineage2 Classic. Stats are effecting different, for example DEX, gave movement speed, on Classic it doesnt. CON was effecting stun resistence. Those changes were made because of the +12Dyes. Did you consider this? What are your plans on "Spell Master"?