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  1. Unban Wallabi i play with him on Chronos and on Core and he is good player and never see that he make something ilegal. Anyone can lost the credit card and then bank will always protect the client blocking the card and refund even if you dont ask for. Give Wallabi the opportunity to pay to ncsoft the $80.00. Golbezz/Zoldi
  2. They only want $$$$ not listen to players so they wont answer anything. They will say if you dont wanna wait buy VIP 3 or 4 and the end is again p2w game like all ncsoft history on servers like bartz, shillen, magmeld, naia and chronos. So gtz ncsoft again and future fail server.
  3. Well paying is not the solution because is more of the same shi t. I try for more than 2 hours to enter game and is impossible. I will go play other thing intead of wasting my time on classic as lot of ppl will end doing the same.
  4. I lose more than 10% xp per dead.
  5. More p2w? Go play helios ones and buy your dragon weapon lvl 3
  6. Lol ncwest always putin $$$$ before players nice trash
  7. Welcome. But we need some improve in loging system for classic. Atm im trying to enter since an hour and cant because dc before i can enter the pin.
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