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  1. profit exp - solo tyrant + wc

    It is easy, he started using AI scrolls at 35, and moved to ai and fom s crolls at 45, will get to 50 easy. at 49 you should move to Cruma floor 2 and live there. It is now your home. Sell proofs of blood for adena and enjoy the xp,sp and adena that you get there.
  2. Are the CH worth it?

    aden clan hall
  3. Fishing in party to afk lvl?

    Is this viable? I have two characters(24 and 23) afk fishing today on a long day out and I'm wondering if having left them in party to split exp would have been more efficient way to get them to exp. Has anyone tested this out?
  4. Orc Monks, where are the blades for Fists?

    Well that sucks, I get that orcs aren't exactly a popular choice but there should at least be one option. Has it been mentioned why? Does it improve for C grade and above? I thought the NPC prices were the same though, or do you mean private sellers?
  5. I'm a 27 orc monk in Aden server, and I have yet to see a single person selling any blade for nograde or D grade weapon materials. Hell, haven't seen many D grade fist sells either. I have looked at the eu database for classic and seem to have no luck finding blade droppers. Is anyone else experiencing this lack of crafting materials? I fear being undergeared forever as I haven't been lucky with drops and adena is just not happening for me.