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  1. Hello! 7 vs 7 with my Friend Quenti , was nice fights , we enjoyed , gf all ; pls no trash , was a friendly pvp !!! - No Limit PVP Boosts-No Limit Brooch BR-No ALLOWED DRAGON WEAPONS I Damage 3 files, recover them but sucks of quality
  2. Truffle is been Defeated

    lol ye! so long introoo
  3. Truffle is been Defeated

    of course not , that is a good talk!! ye!! we will try to make more pvps is possible , competition is part of game , so flames are something that u cannot stop it, but always keep in mind that is only and always a game
  4. Truffle is been Defeated

    cmon bro ! i m not a forum warrior , we lost and also win a lot of pvps , u know what is important thing , keep alive pvps more that is possible ,
  5. Truffle is been Defeated

    yes pls ! show me cause i was there playing and there not any change in party you are wrong bro sorry to say you!!
  6. Truffle is been Defeated

    lol there is not any cut in that video bro! i m sorry to tell you, but is true no any isses were in party except yubari, like i showed first round where we lost, i dont have any problem to show if we were to get help, but that didnt happen , i dont know what u see from outside but is not like that; also was ijager coming time by time hitting us , but its ok, is part of game enemy are claiming pvps every days, and we are doing that , yesterday we get good pvps
  7. Truffle is been Defeated

    ofc is hard in 1 vs 1 but not impossible at least with an opponent at same level ofc and even in party is hard , also he uses very good his skills but ye was fun for both sides.
  8. Truffle is been Defeated

    PvP at Blackbird really a nice fun, i enjoyed, At least we won pvp with this hard class and strong opponents , gf all!!! 3 rounds : 2 won , 1 lost , at some point over numbered but it s ok was nice
  9. Risingstar Old Memories Naia

    some ganks in Naia with Risingstar for the nostalgic ppl
  10. some fraps from Yul POV MaYn Archer 7vs 7 over in a nice pvp Official Page from MaYn https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtVmhX25XE5rTNwu9WuRcyA
  11. for who still think that we dont play pvp, and we stay close in clan hall, first all was a good fight from both side, hope to have more like this . i wish you Merry Chrismars and happy new year to all community Chronos and also to our enemies Morningstar, best for you and all your family. i hope to have nice pvp also with new year