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  1. Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region SO THIS GAME NOT FOR EUR PLAYERS NICE
  2. wtf every 1 h get disconect nice server down again this is going 2 be perma for the rest of the week ? gorget prestige pack no pont use destiny ether 1 of the resons my old cp mouved 2 core now nc try send away my new one
  3. Everyone like 2 upgrade there gear yes as i so i got like 200 bil on me some have more some have les there is no f#$# way 2 upgrade bronchi armor to bloody or dark or weapon some items just not exist in the server and if you find lets say 1 bloody stone no way i buy it for 1-2 bil Where is the items from events only? So i need buy 200 packs for pray i get 2 bloody stones from it? So many things is missing from the server so many things need more tha the adena you can hold on you if you ever make it to 1 Trilion Nothing is drop from greening mobs or boss Dont
  4. @JujiMaby not saying yes not saying no but if we put it on dont expect 8$ the pack like rest server bc we r US server here ppl get 5k$ a month expect be at 20$ the pack bc we care
  5. they sandetly find out that l2 is PVP game "even if all top dogs move 2 other servers 2 find pcp"
  6. wow they give us 7 day of nothing dammm nice event my new ac play with 7 days BS now thnx dam .... My Mentees thnx you for this bust
  7. i like 2 ask when you put the complyt pach in game i'm talking about Einhasad's Golden Coin the Game Assistabce window !!!
  8. Lancer not runing again .....
  9. Whats the point of this forum when you never post any future update like other servers do And how some know what is going 2 be the new event on the rr server before all the rest and they have buy or sell there items .... thnx ...
  10. Juji can you tell us the update you post https://www.lineage2.com/news/dawn-of-heroes-update-preview is the same with this 1? https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2/206/ or not ?
  11. All server know the skamers gm know the skamers but non help them take back there gear Gear they have pay tons with nc coins adena and sweat play day and night for years So i stop buy coins and i tell ALL of you STOP buy coins until the fix this Is the only online game plp get skam like that and they never get back nothing THE ONLY GAME I know plp start say they dint have 2 give items or sh#$t like that ALL have give items from time to time for many reasons So my point is this is bad for game and plp stop playing this game specialty this bad days we have now
  12. Come on wtf with this lag mas dc every 10-15 min and if you stay on you cant move cant make party cant't do S#%t Did the virus hit the the offices there and all work from home wtf 1 day after rr server all is worst than before DO SOMETHINGGGG
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