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  1. This all sounds like you are a delusional player who never played L2 in your life. I didn't expect for NCSoft to have put a fix in for all of the problems with the game. I just looked at it as a chance to take what i learned over the years and see what i could do with it from a fresh start. Doing pretty damn well, because i had realistic expectations of the time it would take to level and how hard it would be, also the adena grind. Everyone has the same rates, so don't see a problem there. This is a game you invest years into, not months. Sounds to me like you are used to WoW's model of e
  2. I played prelude and yeah, you definitely don't know what you are talking about.
  3. Im actually having a great time playing here! Its gotten a bit slower in the higher levels, but thats only because i need better equipment. I dont play enough to burn myself out or get too frustrated. Think thats the key in Lineage 2. This game has always rewarded perserverance. Im glad i found a good group of people to play with as well. Im sad to see people are not liking the game so far. Hope you guys take a step back and just try to have fun. Cheers!
  4. Nice points. I was actually just doing this in my head when i saw your post! Definitely not an accurate reflection of the xp in this version of the game, by our estimates, its roughly half that of the original 2004 version of L2!
  5. Please don't jack up the rates crazy. I don't want this game to be something someone is able to finish playing in 2 months. Keep it a little rewarding when you finally get your weapon, level, enchant, or what have you. Level and gear progression IS the game. Also, love the social aspect and pvp of L2! Thanks.
  6. You can trade soulshots across characters on the same account i believe. However, if you open the package, then you are unable to trade them through the dimensional merchant.
  7. Listen here, this isn't some care-bear MMO. When you KILL another player who isn't willing to fight back or is white, you go red, period. You know the consequences of attacking a player and going red. So, its a conscious decision when you KILL another player. Stop whining about the pk system and own up to it. I don't want this to be some MMO where Player killing has no penalty. Maybe the penalty is too steep in your opinion, however, I do not agree. This is an MMO about choices. Stop complaining because you made a choice and don't want to deal with the consequences.
  8. Hell yeah man! Im having a blast as well. Definitely feels nostalgic! Kinda sad that some of these people that have other duties in real-life, expect that the game be tailored to their schedules and life-styles. Not all games are meant for everyone. Lineage 2 is my game tho! Love it.
  9. You guys must not have played classic. I was there 14 years ago and this is a godsend. A free 60k cost sword and wood armor at start? bleep Yeah! You dont realize how hardcore this game actually was. This is nice compared to what it used to be. Anyways, im having fun. Peace.
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