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  1. that's because l2 classic is built with a p2w system in mind, this is just the beginning...
  2. Impossible clan supplies?

    what u expect lol, clans are for big stuff not barney and friends
  3. so you just farmed spider quest for 2 weeks, thats your solution for 40+ players, farm a lvl 18 quest ayy lmao the only word that comes to my mind is cringe
  4. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    if queue were actual players would be somewhat understandable but 60% are boxes and bots! wdf
  5. repeated disconnections

    same here, I'm sure they have an algorithm to kick people, IP? vip lvl? who knows but based on their history I bet most kicked are live players instead bots
  6. Why there is not auction house?

    oh rly? mad cuz would lose the option to buy cheap and sell expensive with 2 afk accounts? such business man much wow, you should add "expert l2 trader" to your curriculum vitae and send it to george soros
  7. Not like cities full of afk stores filling servers(without forgetting bots, but we know you don't care about them) making trading exhausting and vip mandatory just to login is the reason people is playing classic
  8. so if rates for vip were p2w you would be happy?
  9. Drop rates aren't broke.....

    maybe it was hard back then for you because you were and still are a phucking newbie?
  10. Awww how naive, so cute... ignorance is happiness everyone
  11. BOTS already here.

    they never left
  12. If they don't fix it asap this classic gonna die faster than bless online LMAO