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  1. @Hime i think you don't understand you loose people because of that People who play solo not in CP can't even earn for shots/potions.... i checked l2 wiki which is compatibile with L2 classic EU and all spots 40+ have 3x higher adena rate than here... What are you waiting for ?
  2. l2 wiki is not compatible with NA version of l2 like Juji oraz Hime said some time ago... sadly @up totally agree it's good idea to make that database for NA version, but i think DEV team have no time for it
  3. 3 Easy steps: -delete bots / spam adena sellers -delete 10 days free fishing rod quest -increase adena drop rate after 40+ 80% of players will be happy... i think next 20% is constans crying babies "{
  4. @up +1, its not funny @Juji make offline shop for cash or restriction for boxes or not make that damn afk event.... - ppl will leave server if queue take 1 hour for vip player!!!
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