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  1. yeah, i'm ok right now with my Necro, making plenty profit at cruma 1 by aoe farming, also selling PoB, chain hood part dropped at cruma 2, EWC... but i'm stop lvling now, stay at 46 for aden daily and lvling my BD,SWS to 4x so they can join my pt to farm at higer lvl places. Just enjoy playing game.
  2. Agree, It's just life. We just need to adapt. I can't join CP, i have other works to do, only play when have free time, i cant be there lvling with CP like 3 hours/day at exactly the same time everyday. So that i need boxes for more flexible time playing. Imagine if me play alone as an OL then how to survive ?
  3. abt rate broken, its' true. but place like SOP.. they have books drop which can change your life if u lucky :)). ok so it's a high risk place to lvling, just like gamble. So, i choose adena farming, 4x cruma , 5x enchant valley ( enchant valley also drop books )
  4. i got some cursed bone by farming at cruma 2, lvl 47 NEC now, still farming with Blaze, also at lvl 46 u will have corpse burst. it's a rlly high damage aoe skill but need a corpse. u got plenty corpse when go for AOE farming, also i'm using summoning corrupted man to farming with me, he can use life stealth, can make some damage though it small but if u can kill a monster in 2 hits, it's better than 3 hits ( 47-48 adn for bssd ). Death spike i only used for pk, other wise i use vamp claw and have a recharger to go with.
  5. Hmm dont know why u guys have problem with this, i play solo as a mage with 2 boxes, lvl 47 now and can still leaving well, also got profit by farming in Cruma 2. i play 2-3 hours a day, doing aden and AI and some time got profit from aden. i use macro for my buff to hit monsters with me even they are using novice weapon, not just stay there and do nothing. Maybe its the problem of u guys who dont know how to adapt the situation and just know how to crying about stuff that's hard. I'm lvling my other alt at lvl 27 now with D weapon from my main and get more profit by farming at OB and dont hav
  6. Being Chased by 2 ant warrior captain and some other ants in Ant nest, got reported and captchar appear LOL, dead and there goes my 20 minutes farming....
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