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  1. I doubt this is the case. If they had a legit way of detecting botters the would most likely clean the server already. Unless of course the bots are to their benefit, these single cases of people being banned just doesn't add up.
  2. Because Path of Exile was funded by the community. NCWest is a cash grab who is governed by NCSoft KR (who are corrupted to the very core) There is no monthly sub because you can make much more money with Free to Play model. After all think about how many people bought VIP4 and compare that to 15$/month
  3. Do not pay and it is equivalent to the theft of goods? It's free to play you num num
  4. In Korea it is a very political inside the company. People backstab each other, fight with their nails LOL. It is normal for higher ups to exercise their power. Since NCWest does little to nothing with the actual game code, perhaps they aren't even to blame. The Koreans just don't see the opportunity in here. My friend worked in Korea for 5 years and he was next building next to NCSoft KR. I talked to him at work yesterday he literally says it is the worst company to work for out there. INb4Deleted as usual
  5. Apologies, let me put my NCWest party hat
  6. Not writing a captcha does not equal to 'has undergone a check for prohibited software usage' in my books
  7. Translation: We found this character to be using bot software, but due to his VIP4 we will not ban him at this time. You cannot report this character.
  8. open world PK is one of the reasons L2 is the game it is today. The threat of losing hard earned exp in the late game, the ability to take over a spot by killing the people has always been the thrill. Just because other problems exist doesn't mean they should disregard this. I doubt they will change it as I assume they would have to make some changes to the core of the game. Since we have a downgraded version of Live, it is doubtful that this code will be reworked.
  9. How can you even say that when the main problem people have is knowing in their gut that this was intentional. Problems with queues were here since day 1. This afk event would bring an OBVIOUS trouble and only worsen the situation.. and it did. Why is this afk fishing even part of the game? Obvious cash grab by downgrading the live servers to what they called 'classic' is a joke and an insult to anyone who truly played on classic.
  10. If you simply take the amount of players and time spent on illegal servers and compare it to the officials, it would be so disproportional that it only makes sense that people from illegal servers would know more about the game, and therefore are indeed better at the game.
  11. Dont be so naive. Bots generate most of the adena on the server right now. Most of peoples efforts are pathetic in comparison what a bot army will produce in terms of adena. The more things are added like the afk event - the easier it is for them. First of all to make things clear, I have already quit as I know which way the official servers have always went. I checked the game out, got my 3 boxes to 40 and signed out for good. You call my life sad when your name implies that you are over 40, grinding your life away - laughable. You wish you could go 10 years back just to grind some more
  12. I am not trying to insult you, but it's hard to take you seriously
  13. I read many of your recent posts, and I understand that english is not your first language. But bleep, you speak non sense no matter how I read/look at it
  14. you keep posting about net neutrality which has nothing to do with any of this. What are you smoking
  15. yea u dont care because you are not trying to compete on the server. You might as well make a illegal server on your own machine and play. When you realize how much adena is generated by bots and this afk event, u'd understand.
  16. Umm, sorry to disappoint but their strategy is just like for mobile games. You get little percentage of impatient players who are willing to dump a bunch of money since the launch. You hook them up on the game with as much p2w as possible. Once things start to balance out and players start to burn out you introduce more p2w into the NCstore. For example when I played on Magmeld on Live servers during the launch of GoD - the game was great. We had exp runes that were reasonable and game was playable. Fast forward 2 months, they introduce 100% enchants and shirts with ex
  17. You need a good sample size to test the drop rate. You would have to kill maybe 10000 mobs with VIP4 Then you would have to kill 10000 without VIP If there is a clear difference in amount of mats that you received (you can say your error would be around 5%) If VIP4 supposed to give you what 30% more drops? the difference should be clear in (stem, animal bone or what not)
  18. Lets be real, it only happens because 70% of server population are - fishing bots - afk chars for event - bots
  19. You wont get anything for your time lost. Maybe they will reward you with something that feels like reimbursement, but in the end you will just left disappointed as usual.
  20. You get it to lvl 52 and play it as a box, simple
  21. Meanwhile 90% bot filled high density 1-40 zones are generating adena for the entire server, sounds about right
  22. So for you it is logical that lvl 16 spiders drop about the same adena as 40+ mobs?
  23. Because they arent bothered with it as 24/7 is almost the same as 23/7. Implement this captcha at all times and bots will adjust.
  24. Hope you realize that such weak captcha is easily broken. Do you really think this kind of captcha will prevent bots?
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