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  1. 20:40 server time now.... dnst work x8 drops event... hello... setting :D?
  2. ANYONE KNOW <<< this event is "SERVER TIME" or "LOCAL TIME"?? ty!
  3. The Letter Collect Event 2019 will start.!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!
  4. Strop drama, make parties on your clan!
  5. "is no pt to do daily" maybe is = EVENT EXP AND PPL FARM... daily quest = NO EXP not is for 3 acc
  6. Is your net man, server dont have lag
  7. To much drama in this post jajaja Its ok 7 per IP not 7 per pc....
  8. This comment is disrespectful, you cannot insult in the forum OMG!
  9. I think lineage2 live is like this here, in Korea, in Russia and wherever, who doesn't like it, I should go play lineage2 clasic
  10. GM you can create more clan halls ?? The players that we moved from server were left without our old clan halls, will there be more clan hall in the next expansions? TY!
  11. News from Korea

    When is the next update in this server??
  12. BYE BYE RANKING!!! yaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!
  13. Maybe can setting (auto macros for lvl 101+) in this way pets will not be able to farm as bots and plague the entire server, it would be a good option
  14. (7) accounts don't cause lagging.... maybe is the new ranking system... because all days we have server light... we have latency with 200/ 1000/ 2000 players on... (NOT IT A CAUSE) ....
  15. Who change in this update? :D?
  16. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Make ranking only 105+ and server maybe stop lagging
  17. (TRUE) Melee attack delay issue has not been resolved Estimate when!!! ty!
  18. ATK speed bug back... hit and stop, hit and stop all the time not fix this problem...
  19. All PJ hit like chronicle one (atk speed so slow) hit... wait hit wait hit wait... check this problem pls! Warrior, summoners... feoh etc ty!
  20. Strange lag + Slower /Targetnext

    Yep, is like we have low atk speed or freez... after last patch "fix critical" isnt not "lag" is like a freez FPS
  21. PK BUG BACK...

    I see tonight, afeter new update... to much ppl dead on GC pk in active macros... PK BUG BACK on active macros?? LET ME KNOW!
  22. PK BUG BACK...

    Can you only become a pk if you use macros with AOE? I do not really know how it is that if you leave macro afk you can convert your pj into pk ...?