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  1. Just made a new account Lv1 dwarf teleport to Giran trade over 2.5kk adena & Bone varnish coal iron ore skin etc... set a buy shop over night and next morning i put another 2kk . and keep buying... Day 3 i got dc , relogin .. and its ban . I dont really care about the adena but huh what did i miss lol?
  2. Its not a secret that NA lower the rates to make more cash...and its also good to know JP has better VIP and other info are very helpful as well.. players been crying ever since the server is open.. options are quit? stay NA? or play JP? not QQ coz NA wont change for you GG..
  3. hunt quest monsters Nameless Revenant (use the Disrupt Undead skill), until you have Ripped Diary ?? is this the quest ???
  4. it's impossible for 30kk for 32 to 33 , 35 to 36 only need about 5 (1 mil scroll) thats 5kk xp 35 > 36 you must hv count wrong
  5. that is total XP from 1-32 , you need to take lv32's xp - lv33's xp = xp needed for next level
  6. yeah , not 2-3 skill but all the skill.. haha !!!
  7. go bot / cheat or whatever you do in your EVE online fantasy which you think its 10x better xD.. and dont come to L2 and talk sh-t about everyone who spent time and working hard grinding which we are having fun playing.
  8. EVE online LOLLLLL..... bye !! Some people cant handle this game... this server is so easy ... its fun to see people complain & cry tho.. haha
  9. 1 = 70 2 = Bg 3 = yes 4 = 1.5 5 = play the game
  10. Moon armor quest at 25lv Gludin
  11. U can always test this out... i know 2 bleed stacks from 2 players..
  12. haha... well at least L2 still provide game service ... what real stealing is we pay but no game at all.. ** but i do agree D3 do better job
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