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  1. Plz fix Tomb of Ancient Pirates abuse... Impossible use that dungeon if only one person can easy farm dungeon mob solo every time day by day @Juji @Hime
  2. @Juji @Hime anything about this?
  3. This silence about your customers requests just show how fine this company is. #ThanksNCSoft @Hime @Juji
  4. If one player or top clan play here on classic i assume they want a different game not one new version of live servers, starting on this idiot p2win culture who start on live server. If you want pay hard why you leave live servers?
  5. The biggest request from community before server start it was don't sell pendants and pay to win items on store and now? Can stay tuned @Hime and @Juji server will die and become empty faster than light like live server, just because NCSoft don't want make like on RU servers and just put this itens like pendants only for farm or at least grants the option for farm this items for free. Just one more, last time for me i want say thanks NCSoft.
  6. I say that because othell rune cap critical rate easy and you don't need sws for that, 80% of the server sure will use only othell. Making others classes that are not Tyrant and Destroyer useless for things like boss and clan arena.
  7. Runes here like Othell and others will come with same bonus they have on EU/RU versions? example: Othell with insane critical rate effect. @Hime @Juji Plz, don't kill sws !!! Don't enable +300+ critical rate runes, that will make NA a melee server like EU servers.
  8. Human archer. I talk about othell because othell rune 6-7+ make you dont need sws songs and make my sniper useless, because all fighters have 500 critical rate. why make sniper or any other skill increase critical rate if you can hit 500 critical so easy. Some skill from fighters give critical rate, that become useless.
  9. @Juji @Hime About runes, they come to NA like on skelth? i ask this because runes like othell, killed some class like mages or sws and some other runes less empowered. Because w/o buff you can hit 500 critical hate for exmple usando othell runes. Plz dont make same mistake here, nerf runes like othell. BSOE. become avaliable? plz dont About macro? Plz don't add that shit function back agaiin.
  10. Beast soulshot is retail price.. that no incorrect but adena i agree
  11. Now servers have less than 5k players but near 2k are bots... you guys really dont want stop bots? nice just w8 lineage 2 classic NA die too like god servers @Hime @Juji
  12. @Hime @Juji any way to block this action?
  13. This skill use you core stats in calc.
  14. This xp quests is implemented on all servers, eu server too and do not have in-game shop. Every lineage 2 player know you never will have all skills. You ever will got low SP here care when you buy skills. Grand Kain 82 Titan have only one skill from 82 because dont have SP to learn more.
  15. @Aurinya Sorry my friend... but only in Execution Ground Talking Island server atm have more than 30 bots running... If i start report for everyone i lose all my day, i report alot of bots and don't see at least one banned. This servers running to a bot land.
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