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  1. and the adena bug of mobs x2 x3 hp? like portas?
  2. This Is Insane, for vips and no vips players, the server is infested of afk players, NO live players lol , i see the mostly afk, traders and fishing, you want this ncsoft? because if is, you are great, its pretty sad, one fantastioc classic server and all afks… this is not l2, this isnt classic neither, its a rol playing game… and nobody plays rol here, all boxes all fishing. this must to be one box or only 1 per pc like old lineage and is the healty for all supports mains…. private servers have betters politics tan this on similar situations
  3. 11 hours and i still on 230 of queue, so.... i must change server and lost my progress for incompetence?
  4. ah, and i waiting to put vip on my char, and i have been trying to log in for 6 hours and i still have 400 on queue….
  5. i mean, after all, the 50% of the comunity cant play, now, one life is not enough for log in, the comunnity says a lot of solutions and posibilitys, and its all the same again, 2 clients (1 box), stop fishing, offline traders, diconnects afk, there are one million of solutions… do something staff. PLEASE
  6. i mean 4 hs of queue, 3 client per pc, a lot of afk traders fishers, one server of 6k of capacity maybe only 2 k on? rly? i thing staff need think something about or capacity or afks or THE THREE CLIENTS
  7. NO HERMANO ANDA COMO EL ORTO ESTO no lees el foro?
  8. no gastes nada, q mañana debería estar solucionado esto. lee el foro
  9. they are not wrong, the wrong ones are us, that despite the lack of attention to the community, and the joke of the mistakes, we keep playing in this unplayable way, you can not live waiting 5 minutes for being afraid to buy a soe
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