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  1. Hello any plans to change Character Stats Reset price ? 400 L Coin is robbery, if u have to swap Stats every couple of hours Seems like u want to milk us more and more and more with every update, and meanwhile cant provide good service, and all Lair of Antharas is full with ARROWS and LAGGED as hell
  2. BOTS Drop arrows and lagg server AGAIN

    I change spot, but bots move to the other side of the wall, and keep dropping arrows to ddos more locations in LOA [removed by moderation team]
  3. Hello after today mainteance Bots logged again dropping insane amount of arrows on the ground in few locations in LOA. Its impossible to farm on that locations now. So server health has huge issue now. Also i try to kill them, but players protect them [removed by moderation team]
  4. Server Fix !

    I agree with all of the above ! Fix the server ! And work towards what community wants, so u can keep 1 healthy server
  5. So after this mainteance, i start laggin as hell. For first time since day1 of server. Im from Bulgaria. I dont know, but with every mainteance its getting worse, and something more is broken...
  6. Huge lagg and d/c

    Where are u from guys ?
  7. Huge lagg and d/c

    After the mainteance i start lagging and delays and d/c for first time since day 1. Im from Bulgaria. Does any1 have the same issue ?