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  1. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    i cant log neither, what a joke...
  2. Best Server?

    talking island, for solo any melee, or a mage
  3. You pay for SLS and you get Katana look

    tbh i like more the katana skin
  4. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    too much exp and very very very low rates... and spoil is useless as bleep.. thats why i guess
  5. WTT/S Chant of rage.

    Need Death Whisper or Haste or really good offer. buying Homu blades aswell. pm me via forum.
  6. Share ur lootbox experience

    well, the new boxes are bullshit is sad, but at the same time im happy,, ,less pay to win... so... cool!
  7. WTB Chain hood recipe and more

    Recipe : Chain hood Recipe : Elven Ring Recipe: Yaksa private message me in forum.
  8. +1 i think is a bad idea too
  9. is intended u will need that sp.
  10. where farm?

    if u want adena go ORC barracks with some alter. if u want drops try SOS to get some SB and sell it and when u get 47+ try DV with someone on party...
  11. tbh, i got captha every day i play 3 accs with macros and is real bs when u got captcha and the ppl cant even say hi, they just report for no reason. im happy with this.
  12. No books drops, wrong database?

    hey dude, check l2 wiki and u willl see the drops, but u have to know the drops on our server are lower i lvl from 40 to 48 on SOS, i got 2 anchor, 1 adv block, 2 movement, 1 cancel 1 break duress.... time 2-3 weeks... be patience.
  13. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    This server is like x0.2 rates i guess.
  14. Maximum level was not 70?

    korea devs just give them the server, i think they only do web managent and minor things, we are alone here i guess....