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  1. Drop bug (2x)

    In Primeval Isle now drop 2x. Before update in 1h 20-30 scrolls. Now easy 60+ in 1 hour. Because drop 2 scroll https://imgur.com/2JKk6vu
  2. Underground chests

    Why..? Simple - to do right - admins (developes) must to know what they doing... And who from l2 office know more then how to put items in l2 store?
  3. Underground chests

    No. Treasure chest - was giving 1-4 lvl resurses. And its reason why they are deleted.
  4. m.crit rate

    I read just half of this "story" - and can say you absolutely wrong. Try to log in game - create mage and lvl up mage till 109-110 lvl. Get items for... ok 500-1000 kkk. And then try to play. Try go in oly. You will see - that mage in oly its nothing. Mana barrier good dd will broken in 1-3 hits. This skil with 40% pdef - its just ncsoft fail - that skill must to be passive. Now you are forced activate this skill after relog, dimension relog... - why that need? And mage have just middle dmg. In aoe mode mage sometimes its ok - but acher much more better (he have also strong solo skills). I play with mage. And have typical +10 pvp set, all boss jev, some artifakts ant etc - what is important to have. And in oly I can win just 50/50 fights So it's really hard to understand about what you talking here. Only one wrong in l2 now - https://l2wiki.com/Greater_Topaz_Lv._1
  5. 3 year ago was need remove this. even you not understand how many 10.000$ bots make from it
  6. @ Juji ... Or maybe sometimes better to ask people with bigger experience in L2? Was hard to make fireworks, orks potion - not trade? Abuse can exist just if developers not understand what they doing.. Sorry.. but mistake by mistake...
  7. Macro loop deletion

    ----> go to l2 clasic: if have some problems with makro.
  8. Macro loop deletion

    Or maybe need just delete your accounts? When you will log in game and start play - and reach minimum 99lvl... You will find that to for faction need to kill 1+10800+36000+82800 mobs - from "monster collection". 100 kinds of mobs... at least you kill 1? Or maybe you kill 82800 without ,macro? People want to have also private life. Just stop talking.
  9. Its just part of true Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus China Cuba Georgia Iran Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Moldova North Korea Russia Sudan Syria Tajikistan Turkmenistan Ukraine Uzbekistan. Blocked countries:From all this country's - you can find gamers. And here exist some big mistakes: Ukraina its absolutely different then Russia - even this countries have war with each other - so NCSOFT ban - its mistake. Also Moldova - its not related to Russia - its part of old Romania region - which was occupied by Russia (and mostly they talking romanian - just this people who was introduced by Stalin political - talking in russian). I not want talk about politic.. buts its NCSOFT mistake with his list. About game items... you wrong... Am active play "action" and sell/buy everything where i can find some profit. Normally day profit... 100-250kk - sometimes can be 1-2kkk but its rare. Every acc slot wort 30-80kkk. And acc have 30+ items slots... so count how much adena need for all items - and how much 100+ years need to play to get all from game. its just impossible. I was have some people from DH in my clan - and all they say DH buying items with $, not all but... alot. So gamers from Russia spend a lot also. Even they are "baned"
  10. I can answer - "Dudot" and etc (people from 1 country - (we all know which - but cant say - admins give bans for this) - not see any reason to play - if clear to say - any "profit" to play - from server out so many people - and they not have any more for who to sell adena or items... L2 im play... 10 years. maybe more. In Naia ~ 4 years. Last 1 year... not coming new people - approx all just new boxes - with some exception. 3-4 years ago - every week in clan i get 10-50 new people (but yes - approx all they stopping game in 1-4 weeks). Now... if in clan coming 1 person in 1 week - its "very good". And in 4 years i was have in clan about 3000 ppl and from this... just 3 get 101+ lvl and some items without $... so... have more question? Im not want to say.. but this game with this "politick" going in "game over...".
  11. In different level of logick... Can happen everything... We will see And maybe gamers like "Truffle" - want "global l2" merge? To meet also accounts who spend 1mil $? Serious money serious opponents Now 1.000.000 $ fighting with 10.000 $... not fun...
  12. Crafting gear

    1. Not worth to craft - best way to buy from auction (mostly you will get with better price then you craft). 2. Not worth to invest in any LUC stat - if you not planing craft 100+ items per day (and sell). Its just impossible in this dead game. For 100 items need a lot resources - you not will get this in 1 month, and most fun... you not will sell 100 items in 1 month ... approx nobody not buying. https://ibb.co/vdQnD2y https://ibb.co/zbP3D0X 3. Its last LUC test (LUC 58 = chanse 6.25% ... (and must to be 15.8%). So... oficial rcp chance 60% + LUC58=15.8%. At all Baze+LUC... = 66.32% - but reality = 56.25% (its less then BAZE- or better say BAZE minus LUC... That is really fun!!! ) LUC working with "spike" - so its nothing.
  13. Why you asking if all (and you) know answer? (Yes. Have.) Every new P2W "event" - stopping game about ~10 gamers from "TOP 100" (you can see this from less activity, TOP items in auction, and word chat... Question - when will be merge with other (L2 regions)... EU, Korea...

    Funny problems... I play 3 years (every day 2-6 hours). And in siege was 2 times. 1 time - to see that im getting 100.000+ dmg... 2 time - i go for exalted... And like this - 90% people in l2.
  15. Fortune Reading Game 2019 returns on 1/16

    Admins and DEV dont play this game... They cant understand this problems. Its normal - it's just different camp in this game... So relax