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  1. Admins and DEV dont play this game... They cant understand this problems. Its normal - it's just different camp in this game... So relax
  2. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    No. This game not have any video optimization. If in area more than 50 people - simple - can't move. So which pvp can be? In my opinion developers go in easiest way - big l2store price - less problems with lags. I was waiting when finish this lags event Oriana... And "welcome" they put "christmas trees" for more lags... Very "smart".
  3. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    No. Red Libra - not event. Its just smart administration plan - fast leveling people - and then can sell more l2 store items... For people not xp need in game.. Items need... What happen now? Bring in Kama party all 102-105 - and must to make PR because 0 dmg... Most fast lvl in 1-7 days 101... and with Paulina items go instances... Nice
  4. LUC stat and enchant

    Hard to discuss with people when believe in luck... Man.. now XXI age...
  5. LUC stat and enchant

    My last try: luc 60 ewr luc lady % 247 3 1.21% Oficial we have: luc 60 21.20% Yes - 247 try.. not so much... but difference from 21.20% its not =+/-5%, not +/-10%... even not +/-50%... its ~20 times... But ok - not problem - i don care. P.S: WTF is "proc's" - people who spend 500-1000$ (even more) to make +16? ... Who care about it... For normal gamer... from game - its approx imposible. If you are super active - in game you can get.... 100-500kk adena per day (include AH) (>~0.01% getting more then 500kk per day). About what we talking...
  6. LUC stat and enchant

    I know this. And About "empiric results", and about 80+ Luc. And all - what im doing - im write results in google.sheet. Im my statistic - i see wery "funny" things. And about "LUC" chances 1/4 or 1/5 mean just one - 1/4 or 1/5. Not like now... 1/5 = 1/100... And I know in which way chances formula working. If im not write nothing here - not mean that im not play L2 15 years. I play more. Im have personal calculator craf, echant and etc. - which make log time... So RELAX.
  7. R-Grade

    Not wort to explain nothing for new people. If they not understand simple things - how to get adena - they will stop game very fast. I have experience my clan 9lvl - I play 3 years. Before was searching academy members,now 85+ - not wort. From 3000+ people which i was bring in clan, just 5 get 99+ lvl. Aprox all new stop game at 40-90 lvl - its max. Also i make test - from 1 til 99 main/dual and 2 80 sub - new gamer can have 1-1.5kkk. - but i never not see no one - who make that...
  8. system requirements

    This requirements - for servers where play 50 people - not more
  9. LUC stat and enchant

    Why you talking about things which you not understand? Luc stat on Naia server - not working - i read all admins test from other official servers (also Nania) - they show that Luc chance 1/5 -1/4 if Luc 55-60. But not in Naia. I make test use EWR 300 times - in different days, in different time (so random ok) - and from 300 times get just 3 Luc Lady (My Luc 58-65 - depends what im using). So im was just stupit that invest in +15 Luc dyes - in fact - its not wort. ...also armor creation - from last 20 times - i get just 1... Lady. Nice Luc chances working jus when you crafting "shots" - for fun - just becouse its nice
  10. "There are one issue, we can't switch sub/dual class, when Oriana's Clothing it's in use, or we lost it. Event before this, we can switch class and no lost buff for partecipate. (lost only appearence). Edited November 15 by TazBag" And will solve this issue? Before event people was active - now... 2000 online and cant create party 30-60 min for K95. CC.BAY, Kama - and etc. (even you have heal/iss/tank cant find people). All stay afk... Even cant change dual... WT.F?...
  11. Clan Hall

    Idea - to make harder to have CH. Reason = "Clan Hall" - its for many people - not for " 1 person" like now. Many new clan (some are really active) - not have clan hall 1-3 years - and impossible to get - even clan very active. My propose - to have CH - clan must to get 10000 or 20000 or 25000 clan points - per week (just to get - not for use "CH". If not - lost). Normally 1 person cant make this amount CP - must play all clan. Or other variant in clan 10-20 clan members mus to get xp/sp - for example ~30-50kk per week - its just 1 k95... (more not need... rare clan have more then 20 active people (most 3-10...) - game long time ago are killed by administration "circus". What we have now .. its... just killing game. Passive clans have CH... To make even 10 lvl clan impossible even in 3 years... (I have clan - in 1 year we get 1.3kk clan points (need 7.5kk)... Play 20-30 people...).
  12. Hi, this happen if mailbox full or etc. Can't open to check, delete or etc old messages. Can't receive items... In last 30 days this happen 4 times. just today - 2 times. Normally after this inssue, need wait 2-3 days and I can open mail. But it's ...