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  1. respect

    In L2 ncwest its normal. 2 years ago i spend 500€ on a freya event and the best thing i got out of it was giants energy. thats where i learned my lesson to not play these events anymore and not buy ncoin for events again. now i just try to buy event stuff with adena if i have any adena. i told you in my first comment this game is tailored for those who drop a fortune, 250$ for an event aint cr ap if you know how much top spenders spend on ncoin. I know some of them easily spend 1k$ each event
  2. respect

    Dont know what you mean, but you shouldve asked other people first how low thhe rates of succes in this game are regarding events. it is atm very common knowledge that getting something good from a l2 store event is very unlikely. U need to spend a ton of money
  3. respect

    Its not lack of respect. u need to realise that they tailored this game with the l2 store in such a way that only the people who spend the most money can have the good stuff. if you want the goody goodies u need to start spending like the super ones. i gave u a hint one of them has a caster thats very powerful and the other one has a fist
  4. NEED Abundance / SHIRT event

    Give the dragon shirts already. even though i wont buy ncoin to play the "event" . but the other day a top donator did not 1 shot me and this surprised us both. i believe the gap is not wide enough. Give the dragon shirts so he can one shot me.
  5. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 15, 2018

    Always makes me chuckle when people who have a history of cheating and buying accounts talks about skill and such. jinkariya is the ffirst char you leveled right?
  6. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    Any timeline on patch notes? or do we have to wait till after the update for patch notes?
  7. My REP/Fame exchange for clan points

    You can use your reps to buy items from clanshop while you are inside a clan. the npc that made clanpoints out of reps is gone.
  8. PSA: "Support" System

    If you get banned by ncwest you are deffinatly going to get banned in other games. Ncwest allows people who use bots and scripts to get away, players who use racism get away with it. players using bad language get away with it. you pull any of ur antics in other games and you are banned before you can say NCwest
  9. PSA: "Support" System

    Won"t happen to me because i do not use vulgar language or curse at people in game.
  10. PSA: "Support" System

    Lol you are such a crybaby. omg.
  11. Ancient Cloaks 7/25/2018

    In the past couple of months the community has shown that they are very displeased with the events and the prices of l2store items. BUT you guys keep buying. i do not understand how you cry about one event and then go on to buy another 20k ncoin the next event. then you cry again that it was too hard. I mean you guys learn nothing from past expierence it seems
  12. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS

    The game is super p2w dude. you might notice it less because the people in your party Have all the l2 store goodies. but go and try to tank for a party that has none of that vs a party that has all of that. even a guy in full dark set will get almost 2 shotted if he doesnt have atleast lvl4 or higher brooch jewels and all the fun extras that come it.
  13. The Game Moving Fwd?

    you have to read before you respond. I said whales do not care for pvp. not normal players. Yes they shout all day long in hero shout, they ask for 7v7 arranged pvp like an arranged marriage BUT they do not want real pvp. As soon as they have to press more than 3 buttons they lose interest in pvp. They just want someone to 1 shot all day long and feel good about themselves
  14. Support Ticket need help

    I cannot believe how easily some of you people are scammed. you are either very naive or very dumb. Neither is a good thing. the best one was when that other guy exposed himself and the scammer in forum showing clearly that they were RMT.
  15. The Game Moving Fwd?

    The majority of top players do not want pvp and competition anyway. as soon as they have to press more than 2 buttons to kill someone they either, quit game, bsoe or detag from their clan in order to avoid pvp. or when they leave clan to pve (which is very pathetic) having competition in game is bad for ncwest because their whales would stop spending since they cant 1 shot people anymore.
  16. Today at the dimensional siege i made a quick round through the castles and noticed that the siege fields are empty except for the 1 party defending each castle. could the GMs and CMs please look at the option of removing dimensional sieges and making regular sieges weekly?
  17. Dimensional siege is dead

    Can you provide more info about this pvp server? im very intriqued by this. Or where i can find info on it?
  18. GM's ruining gameplay?

    You either give this service to all or to no one. I prefer no one because in game actions should have consequencss otherwise whats the point?
  19. Dimensional siege is dead

    Yea mate because when half of the clan gets 300k aoe damage from 1 feoh it is because his strategy was not correct. i wonder if people like you even play the game?
  20. Dimensional siege is dead

    While you and i both agree that the dim siege is dead. let us not fool ourselves, even if the small clans unite it will not do anything 4 aoe skills from one of your feohs and you wipe out their whole clan. the smaller clans have absolutely no way to get enough gear to whithstand the damage from MS or DH for more than 1 shot. this is due to dark stones only being able to be farmed at only 1 spot. i have a +10 normal set decent jewelry and +12 dark wep, yet 2 hits from your MS archers and all my MP is gone. the fault does not lie in the smaller clans not uniting
  21. BAN for using CTRL button?

    There are only 2 solutions. 1. Remove petitions system as it gets abused by players. 2.make every petition cost 8k ncoin, so u know for sure that the petition is worth looking into. from players having the audicity to request their dragon wep be downgraded to others petitioning pvp. it has gone far enough, do what u do best NCWEST and make petitions expensive, just like this game
  22. BAN for using CTRL button?

    They should just close the petition system. it is getting abused by this pathetic community.
  23. GM's ruining gameplay?

    BTW GUYS. do not forget to spend another 10k dollars coming event to show NCwest that you disagree with their policies. have a nice day.
  24. GM's ruining gameplay?

    I am loving the Tears of the whales and the ex cheaters. in any other server i would be angry that lildink got banned for killing afk people. but in this server where the cheaters admit full guilt and take pride in the fact that they cheated i am okay with it. in this server where the most toxic people of l2NA play, i am okay with it. every ex-cheater and current cheaters who play on bought accounts deserve every ban they get and i fully support it . because you disgusting noobs who would be not much wihout l2store and account trading are what is wrong with this game.
  25. GM's ruining gameplay?

    MS and NOVA players are so far up their top players back sides that they cannot see the truth anymore. in this case its MS, in another case it will be NOVA. how can you not see that the GMs should never have done this in the first place hence its a mistake and by reversing their decision they corrected it. Guess you should have not upgraded your fists to stage 3, i bet there is hardly any difference for you between stage 2 and 3, maybe u hit 5k harder but u were killing those guys anyway. Your greed got to you and now it bites you back. learn from it