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  1. Conguero, Neutron

    Wonder why not give the claws to zureil for him to create his dragonwep........ Your ego got to you, instead of keeping quiet you were bragging about it in the server and calling people to stop crying because u were getting special treatment. lil snowflake.
  2. Lineage II - Security Update Applications to test

    Chrome. vlc media player l2 adrenaline windows media player
  3. Thank you NCWest

    Gz. How did u get the dragon claws though?
  4. +15 dark weapon good?

    Such is life for someone who doesnt play the game. But does raid the l2store. to be honest, if u dont know the answer to this than none of those weps u mentioned are going to do something for you. except if some guy in dragonvalley attacks you
  5. Dragon weps

    An item that is supposed to be very rare is now available in the l2store....... the server chronos is starting to flood with them, today i logged in and over the course of my time online more and more people kept linking their weps. Retributers, shapers cutters throwers etc etc etc. to those who argue that its only a fragment are not seeing the picture yet, i give it 1 or 2 events before they sell dragon claws in shop as well , as well as the MATS required to upgrade them. The admins saying they were listening to the players were lying, the difference between top l2store buyers and the average one just got a whole lot bigger. i might as well go and play in pvp servers now. question for the long time players ( not the l2 store pro players) how long do u think before the servers close?
  6. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

    Well im not in the same clan as him and never have been neither do i have the intention to do so. about him using MS clan i dont know cant tell what the situation there is like. I was just commenting on his post in this forum
  7. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

    What do you know about the game when you buy it instead of playing it? lol, dont make me laugh , wrong game.............
  8. Dragon weps

    L2store pro player spotted. I specifically asked for players like u to not respond. not to mention ur clan renovatio one of the biggest cheaters in lineage 2.
  9. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

    I thought we were here to discuss the event and not to trashtalk. i couldnt care about him or you either but why should i mention it when everyone is discussing it normally. no need to start the usual hero trashtalk here. Its the forums not the hero chat
  10. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

    Right now perhaps yes but come on man. you know dragonclaw event is around the corner and the MATS eventually too
  11. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

    Its only a matter of time. judging by the pace of pay2win events, i bet even the next event could introduce claws and MATS.
  12. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    This...... My best guess is that they do not have any "long term plans" for lineage2. Probably just seeing how long it will survive in its current rate. Back when i started it had like 4-5 servers, now only 2 left soon. This is only in the span of 3 years. Not to mention, that despite i that i have geared up and i am much stronger than before, the distance between me and top geared players has grown even more. getting hit for 700k dmg by topgear players is not fun when there is no foreseeable future in where i can get the topgear at this rate.
  13. Be a MAN (The Tale of Renovatio farming Dragons)

    Seems thats all you live for hahahah. i bet u hate every minute you play l2 . u sound so miserable
  14. Be a MAN (The Tale of Renovatio farming Dragons)

    This is all getting really pathetic. Kind of sad. Im starting to feel sorry for MS clan.
  15. What do magic crit rate and damage apply to?

    Do some of you give confusing answers on purpose? lol his question was so easy to answer, on mage its all the same . There is no standard magic attack like fighters have.
  16. Anyone still playing Feoh Soul Taker?

    You will lose locks hard destruction+10. you will lose all except those that have exact same name. regarding soultaker. At high end and top end the soultaker is not a very good pvp class unless you have a strong cp with good support. for pve. U can still do it but its not the best feoh class for pve either. Its dark stance is single target dmg mostly and the earth stance gives a shitty bonus. Ur new pet is much stronger but still an easy kill for high end players. I changed from soultaker to storm screamer simply because its nothing like the soultaker i remembered with tons of debuffs. the most used feoh is storm screamer atm. Its very good for pve and pvp. u should read up on how mana barrier works on feoh classes now. Soultaker still relies on pet for defense.
  17. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    You guys are fools for believing they listen to player feedback, the only thing they listen to is the sales feedback. Everyone here is crying about the prices yet the moment i logged into chronos i saw people selling ncoin and these packs, which means that a lot of players bought them. if you seriously want them to change something do not buy NCoin. thats the only power u have here, if u dont buh ncoin they will have to listen. but all this doesnt matter either with whales like zureil pepinoo and truffle. they probably bought a pack as gift for whole clan or cp already.
  18. Server Log reach

    I lost a belowe lvl 85 char as well once. It is weird because the name was still in my mentee list, but i couldnt find the char on any of my 4 accounts
  19. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    Znipo doing here more damage than truffle with BR on. i dont know about the gainak part but the other parts......... Someone buy this kid another account to help him heal
  20. THE GODS!!

    Jesus christ. i thought these levels of autism were impossible to reach. bleeping hell mate hahahahaha. i cant take anyone serious who takes himself this serious hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahaha. cp "gods" hahahahahahahahahahahahahah The amount of ego people pull from this game... lol.
  21. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    Aizen this guy just destroyed you. rmt toon rmt gear zr. How do you even dare to claim ur skilled not to mention supporting truffle must be really hard. A guy who can solo a whole nova party . Lololololol
  22. Friday afternoon PVP w/ arturious & divekio

    Ive seen whole partys of nova pr when they see truffle or die while fighting and he was alone or simply with an iss. your factor in pvp is much smaller than you think its as easy as this. Truffle has very high dps and kills a lot of enemies before your defensive tank skills wear out. I took truffle only as an example. Zureil is OP geared as well as many others in MS you over estimate yourself by alot. i get tthe feeling from you that you think you are the the most intelligent being ever. you always think anyone who disagrees with you knows nothing. these are signs of people who grosly over estimate themselves.
  23. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    The reason why people choose nova over MS in this fight is because the attitude of certain MS members aka Aizen and truffle. But more so aizen than truffle. this kid has never been spanked as a child and now suffers from severe autism and other mental issues. You claim sunshine was helping nova but in reality only 2 sunshine members were there fighting ms. 1 question for aizen: how is it that someone your age is full of hatred and bitterness? Hahaha 1 more thing you are severly over estimating your l2"skills" you dont need to be einstein to play this game good. WTS MP REGEN
  24. Friday afternoon PVP w/ arturious & divekio

    No one thinks as high of himself as you think. I dont know where you get all this ego from playing a game. And you aint even that good man hahaha. protected by the OP gear of your clannies like truffle and Zureil. without them you would be as much on the ground as any other random in pvp against top geared toons not to mention you bought an account in a free to play game. Lol. was the grind from 0 to 100+ too much for you? Hahaha