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  1. Friday afternoon PVP w/ arturious & divekio

    You have no idea how much i agree. Trashtalk is one thing but these guys even attack someones job/work they do in real life. They attack on personal level so much, and feel themselves so accomplished and superior. i am not one to judge, i troll people a lot but recently ive closed hero chat. and without a shadow of a doubt MS is the major one here when it comes to toxicity. i was at first happy that another clan had risen to challenge nova in matters of Pvp, less geared clans could now fight each other without one party of nova killing a whole siege field. But now i despise them a lot. For example you log in and within 5 minutes you see someone making jokes about peppinio selling toilet paper. First of all thats none of ur damn business what he does for a living and since you attack him on his atleast tell us what u do. i dont even know if its true whether he sells toilet paper or not btw
  2. Like the title suggests, do you guys think the events are fun to play? ( lets exclude rewards this time) It seems to me these guys only can come up with gamble events, do something new for once for heaven's sake. Have some sort of pvp event, a pve event or a mix of the two, let the players be active, make them log in and play, not log in and either click l2store or hope to be the lucky guy today in drawing. Rate their creatibty out of 10. i give them a 2/10
  3. Feoh Skill Tips for Oly/Pvp

    While perhaps good for oly, i seriously wouldnt do this unless you are rich enough to change dye 2 times a week. aside for oly you really dont need the WIT dyes. And you can almost forget about becoming feoh hero, its not skill based anymore im afraid, only your gear and level matters and your skill/build only matters when you face someone of equal gear or close to each others. so unless you have a real shot at becoming feoh hero, i wouldnt trade 1 INT dye for WIT
  4. Feoh Skill Tips for Oly/Pvp

    Well the thing is, without your barrier you are even a faster kill to melee DD. specially othells they can be terrifying to undergeared feohs
  5. +10 blessed r95 La vs. +8 Bloody?

    For pve Easily bloody
  6. Feoh Skill Tips for Oly/Pvp

    Your barrier should be up, otherwise you simply receive way too much damage, if someone outgears your by far then there is nothing you can do. for archer, if they go into hide when match starts, keep ur dispariton skill ready when he pops out, use it and then hit him/ debuff etc. note that he has dispariton as well and if he pops it try to hide behind objects or whatever but reason you probably die so fast to archer is because your barrier is not up. you can also use elementAl spike to debuff your opponent, lower his def attribute by 100, is also something you can consider. dont use your burst casting immediatly from the start, many still have their defensive skills available and will simply use them when they see you used burst casting. This part you have to get a feeling for it, sometimes it is better to use burst casting from start, depending what class ur fighting. And last note: oly is broken beyond repair if you are someone without top gear you will hardly enjoy it
  7. Oh man i knew it ahhaha. i knew it would be too good to be true. This is basically a lottery ticket, cool nothing wrong with it but the way u promoted it to be a play to win event i expected some sort of farm to be involved oh well... who knows maybe i will be lucky. btw is this just a bit of lube for the next gamebreaking item that will be sold In l2store? i can already smell the dragon weps!!😝
  8. I am slowly starting to like this guy snowmaiden. Exposing all these idiots. AFK macro play is irresponsible and if u wouldve played your char instead of bought it at lvl 105 you wouldve known how the target system in l2 works
  9. New Customizable Next Target Macro Functionality

    Some of you really are thick aren"t you? how many times does a GM have to come out and say that the macro system is not meant for AFK play. The game mechanics make it possible for u to kill someone else which can be avoid 100/100 times when your dumbass is watching the screen, or have an eye on it. don't afk macro unless you are okay with the consequences lol. It is as simple as that there is even an announcement when you log into the game, if you still lose items due to this practise, i say u deserve it
  10. Allow the RB buff?

    I believe he said those guys are geared enough to kill 2 parties. He also wont allow himself to get caught with 14pks if he even makes that much. buffing the raidboss only helps the RB farmers. Ive had to deal with them as well when i was lvl 85-92. Its a bunch of high level pricks bullying lower and 100x less geared people. if they are really that strongly geared you cannot do anything about this im afraid. Except try to hinder them as much as possible in other words pvp them. Get bsoe and pk his boxes. And attack him too if u must
  11. LF Tips on Feoh

    I have aproximatly the same gear as you my caster is dark+13 2sa and my armor is +8 normal eternal. Yet im able to do it in 30mins average time. Most of time below 30min. so the fault does not lie with your gear but with you and how you play perhaps. Playing feoh in pve is quite easy so shouldnt take you long to figure it out.
  12. Returned items...

    Clearly yours failed you more than you realise. A GM is simply not allowed to return an item to a player after he dropped it due to PK in game. Even if degus made a fair offer to get his "app" back the other player is not obliged to agree. And then for the GM to delete the item from the guy who picked it up is simply disgusting. So now the rules don't apply to certain players or what? Do you not see how ridicilous you sound? Degus fully knows what can happen if he PK someone and gets killed. What is this? Is he a GM mama boy now? I have no respect for anyone who acts like this. but perhaps you are also moved by bias as degus is your clanny and you would react differently would it happen to someone from another clan
  13. Can Seer solo LowerGc?

    How about you go and just bleep try it? Whats up with the l2 community being like this? so afraid of dying or what?
  14. Returned items...

    If it happened or not to renovatio is not the disccusion here. don't you believe it is very worrying that a GM returns the items of a player who lost it due to PK? It is the rules of the game if u are red and above a certain pk count u can drop items, why should any player be protected by the GM? reading ur post degus, what an entitled man you are. You KNOW the rules of the game. Also once you drop those items they aren't yours anymore the other does not have to sell them back to you at all. Why even would he, there is no rule suggesting that he should. in my opinion the GM that did this needs to be fired this is highly corrupt. Before i get attacked by any MS . Im not nova. Neither do i care about them. i only care about fair treatment to all players and not that certain players are above the rules of the game because of how much ncoin they bought from the L2 store
  15. LF Tips on Feoh

    Neither was my response to ferine. Deathlord......... unless im missing a feature here. i edited because of a typo
  16. LF Tips on Feoh

    First of all congratz on getting all that gear without know jack about the class. second everyone here gave u great advice tough they missed one thing. change ur wep to bloody is the biggest dmg boost u will get.
  17. Latest Renocarpets

    Hahahahahahahaa omg this comparison between ww2 and l2 situation hahahahahahahah. Are you 8 years old aize? the USA decide to nuke japan in response to the pearl harbor attacks and not because they had decided to ally with germany. My bleeping god i knew stupidity was at an all time high judging from world shout but i had not known ignorance had gotten this far. i bet you also think that those 2 nukes ended world war 2