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  1. Every week you cry about something else and they simply ignore you or answer you with an answer you do not like. Saying we will not be ignored is rather useless. Since u will be ignored and will keep playing and will keep paying.


    What happened to the  gods jewels post? i thought u people were gonna quit? 

  2. In general this is not really a good chronicle for support classes. Majority on 100+ are playing on macro only and have their own parties setup.

    So they get all the adena and drops.

    Best thing to do for you is to reroll in DD and make another iss so u can buff urself. Then u got urself healer iss and dd, and u can farm maybe a spot that initially would be too hard without support.

    Over the last years i noticed an increasing decreasing demand to party with other people to farm/ level/ gear up.

    Now the best exp is done solo and the best farm is when all chars are yours so u dont have to share the loot.


    Also forget  about 103+ areas without l2store investment. The mobs will simply hit you waaaay too hard to heal there.

  3. I love it hahahah.

    The top 1% of players are complaining because no one is pvping them anymore at siege or during the week. Like @neoHaT  said , u guys dont want pvp. U simply want to win and trashtalk.

    Ive only been in lower clans and never a top clan, yet whenever i went siege and someone llike weiner wiped us out all i see is, GG ez, carpetmode etc.

    Now u guys complain on forum cuz no one shows up anymore for u to aoe in siege.pay2win


    They flourished and were able to win thanks to the l2store promos but now that no one shows up in sieges anymore they are sad. 

    I hope NCwest continues this system, i think it is a good business model for making money on a game that is past the point of no return.


    Very hypocritcal to complain as a top 1% player who got there due to l2store promos. If you do not like the system you should have stopped supporting it.

  4. they are not blown out of proportion.

    There was a guy named starco once who spent 4k US dollar on la vie rose brooch jewels. He got no lvl 5 jewel out of that.

    Seeing as the god jewels are very powerful id say its only right for them to be that much more expensive. Relatively to the rest of the game

  5. 2 hours ago, Andouille said:

    Bable2 is a troll guys, don't take him serious. it's a Mixa 2.0, he even answer to himself,  Trolls rulz

    I am not trolling.

    Do you not see the irony of what you said? You spend all this adena on gear and then they should pvp at lower level because it is more fun?

    The situation is created because the players allowed it and the whales flourished in it. Now even the whales are complaining. But it is also due to their own actions that this situation is created. 

    In my opinion you are not allowed to complain about the current situation if you are one of those whales.

  6. 47 minutes ago, Andouille said:

    i have an idea

    In order to have fun and don't feel scammed, let's set up pvp event with lvl 85 awakened chars, without any pay to win gears

    i imagine it like that

    7v7 ( u chose the pt setup)

    No brooch jewel/no circlet/no cloak/no coc belt etc etc

    Just Twilight +3 set

    Apocalypse +3

    Twilight jewel

    And i assure you that after u do a balanced 7v7 at that lvl without gears u will feel the real fun of pvp without spending 10k $ and with balanced pvp :)

    We should make that event and post it on forum so maybe GM's can see how stupid move they make with the game :D

    spend tens of thousands of dollars in game only to pvp with lvl 85 chars because its more fun. HAHAHAHA

    this is priceless

  7. 1 hour ago, mixa said:

    Interesting, people who disbalanced the pvp by buying rather than playing, now complain that we get too much items....lal. Hypocrisy is hard at work here.

    You get exactly what you deserve - dead servers. Enjoy.

    This +900000

    These guys have been playing this system for years creating a huuuuge gap between them and the majority of the normal players who eventually quit the game.

    Now that they are reaping what they sow they come complain.


    Take responsibilty for your own actions. 

    If you are a top player due to your huge spending on l2store promos you simply are a hypocrite if u complain about their strategy now. And part of the blame as to why the game is dying quicker now.

  8. @ArgusI got nothing with the guy who posted first. Im calling him out here because he is the one who made his post here.

    I read what they say and its the same complain they all make with a new variation to it.

    these guys are the reason that this model works because they spend like whales.


    ITs very hypocritical of them to complain about a system they have been using for YEARS.

  9. You guys do not seem to understand that you are supporting this strategy by NCwest, and have been supporting it for years. 

    And god knows, you will be supporting it till the very end. ANd by support i do not mean that you talk good of it, but with your wallets. Which frankly is the only thing that matters.


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  10. 4 minutes ago, Draecke said:

    that's where you're wrong, most aren't happy about this situation and majority of the really big whales have already left

    the mid sized whales that are still playing are now seriously considering to to go casual mode as the rat race went to far which will have significant consequences down the line but maybe that's needed to get these recommended changes actually done..

    also your assumptions that the whales already got those jewels is wrong, only a handful players managed to be "lucky" on chronos and made a stage 1.. most ppl are just sitting on the fence watching how this is going down as all of us knows that atm it's 50bil for a small chance when down the road premade stages 1 thru 6 will be sold in loot boxes..

    look at the dragon epics that got made redundant within 1 Month, the devaluation of gear is going too fast for any smart player to not want to invest huge amounts of resources anymore period.

    what you DO see atm is players trying to make adena by reselling stuff from l2store but that's not the same thing and just look at how the last cloak store promo went.. it's a crash & burn situation with only the first rush being profitable..

    totally NOT sustainable situation

    The smart players stopped long agoooo.

    Dont think that you whales belong in that category,  i am not talking about you personally but the majority of top players now are nothing but randoms who only got top player status due to l2 store.


    Also weiner is one of the guys who already has a god jewel as he posted a pic on discord of it. He least of all should be talking about it.

    But here he is opening his mouth speaking against something while supporting it on the other hand

  11. 6 minutes ago, Emirates said:

    just easy stop donating , stop supporting ncwest , and quit this game (Old L2store whale ) just i did OR better buy them with RMT which much cheaper and safer not like now that you dont know if one ring will cost 50 bill or 250 bill with 0 chances of ncwest.   its too late for pvp game is dying faster , Naia already no pvp they all quit and some of them become pve until they will get bored and quit also . there is no future to this game and this is a reminder for all the players that playing now stop before you waste your money here 

    The only reason these top players complain now is because  they cannot put their items to use.

    They wanna AOE  a whole clan on their own and trashtalk while at it but once that clan stops showing up to siege they complain that the system is failing.

    And there they are, with 50k chars doing pve only on macro !


  12. that is all cool and nice that you think the gap should be less but it does not matter. This community has been complaining and talking for litterly years about the prices of events. YET when i log in, all of them are linking their new goodies from l2 store and getting all happy because they hit 10% harder now. Then the next event the same happens, all complaining while enjoying their new items in game.

    So tell me, why should they stop now? We are all buying these new items in masses, there is is no reason for Ncwest to change their prices.

    Weiner here is trying to seem honorable whether intentional or not to sort of be like the man of the people but on the other hand he has been using this system to his own advantage in game. 

    Complain here while his char is shining with every l2store promo item there is.  If this strategy that NCwest bothers you there is only one thing to do and that is to not buy the promo items. But u guys are complaining while u already have the jewels

  13. after using this system to become a top player you want them to stop now?

    this event is another succes for ncwest. All the complaining each and everyone of you do does not weigh as much as the real numbers say.

    ncwest probably sold a lot again at this new event so i say the GMs did a good job. 

    I see players complain in game a lot but then they link their new l2store promo item an hour later only for everyone in the ally to congratulate them.

    In my opinion ncwest is doing a good job with this event and they should continue on this same path. Why would u want to recycle old items all the time?

    we want new items not old ones.

    and im betting my left arm that you already have one of these new god jewels.

  14. 52 minutes ago, HyperD said:

    increase drops, now have 3 server full of people(dont know if generate $) u use ur new antibot that was the "reason" to nerf all the game bring back? that update lie to the people just to nerf all game is boring and boring and boring, just exp and for that there is a lot game better that this to grin exp.

    They wont increase drops.

    increasing drops decreases l2store purchases

  15. 5 hours ago, HandsVSkills said:

    Make dragons pvp zone  . Make rbs pvp zone  . Make all new content xp areas pvp zone . Or w8 7 dayes for pvp at siege . 

    This wont work.

    the reason there is no pvp at high lvl is because of the gear differences not because dragons or raids are no pvp zone. There is no reason to pvp if my opponent can 1 shot me. I will never find joy in being 1shotted 

    If they implent the changes u want pvp will increase by exactly 0%.

    apex and others will simply stop trying to go dragons as 2-3 parties from MS has enough gear to wipe them out.

    the raids are killed by truffle/HtH regardless of its a pvp zone or not and very rarely do people try to get some raids away from them

  16. 1 hour ago, Jinkariya said:

    son stop making excuses for Nova's incompetence :D  I listed the clans who we had to face last siege given which isn't a cry, Nova probably has 6 pts + the other 5 clans has 2-3 pts tops we're still looking at approximately 15+ cps while MS has 13 pts for yesterday's siege so don't come here and tell us that MS zerged Nova just shows how your unparalleled.stupidity :D

    Anyways love to see Nova and their pets and fanboys defending the "Reputation" of Nova :D  

    Oh MAX took Rune in Naia as well btw so right now the former Juggernauts of NCWEST Renovatio and MAX just holds Rune castle in both Chronos and Naia perhaps I wasn't informed that Rune castle is the best castle now :D 

    You misunderstand clown. Since you do not know how to hold a respectable conversation i wont give you that courtesy either. You call everyone st u pid each time you decide to say something.

    i give no fuk about nova ms ashura fs. They are the exact same as you are.

    Yet you guys talk so much its annoying. So its only natural that people tell you to shut up each time u say that whole of ncwest clans korea and i n nova clans are helping nova.

    you made your own enemies and have the numbers to fight them stop crying about who helps nova.

  17. 2 minutes ago, HiccUps said:

    @Neutron + @Conguero

    Four days since your announcement and NEITHER OF YOU has had the courtesy to respond.....are you seriously going to yet again IGNORE your client base YET AGAIN?

    FYI, these are not a rhetorical questions. Reading above + seeing very limited information + existence of a far east owner = obvious and logical questions from your NORTH AMERICAN MARKET. People log into their banks online - DO YOU TAKE PARTS OF THEIR SITE + IP + KEYSTROKES AND STORE ......OR NOT?????????????

    To not answer this is exponentially worse than your continuing avoidance of the future of your game / balance / player gap - YOU ARE NOW VENTURING INTO THE MOST PRIVATE INFORMATION ON AN INDIVIDUAL / FAMILY - ALL FOR WHAT, THE BOTTING IN A GAME.

    Maybe time to act responsibly for one time since your arrival to L2 - provide your customers with a DETAILED EXPLANATION !

    I would like info as well i already updated the l2 folder but if this is true i will either have to delete the game or somehow remove that file

  18. 24 minutes ago, Jinkariya said:

    MS had to fight Nova,Ashura,FS,Crows,P1ratas,JustUnite :D 


    Nova took Rune and didn't have the balls to even attempt (not even once) to try to take Aden pretty sad if you tell me specially coming from the "Legendary" clan that is Renovatio 

    You make your own enemies boy.

    apart from piratas the other clans were not friendly with nova before. Apart from ashura who did not exist back then.

    specially FS and justunite players first joined MS before they left.

    how about you stop crying about who is helping who.

    nova has no numbers atm anyway and the other clans are also 2-3 parties max.