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  1. Can anyone confirm for me when gludio server actually opened, and if people are playing there? It doesn't seem to show up on that server population tracker site. Anyone playing there or it <1k like aden before?
  2. Yes this is l2 classic! Where olympiad is open at lvl 55 :]
  3. After they put the 'fix' they went on vacation for a couple weeks it seems. They thought they were done moderating their serv apparently, bizarre!
  4. Europeans are here to make the server actually a challenge for NA players, otherwise they will just be left to fight each other o_O wheres the competition in that?
  5. Can;t believe its monday and this company still has no-one working the forums?
  6. Even though this is full caps/brazil speak, its completely true. Anyone who wishes to play here now HAS to buy VIP, so once all 1800 ppl in queue have VIP, will they enter instantly? How so when your cap is 6k? Doesn't make much sense... Maybe cap isnt actually 6k and your just trying to make money from a cancerous queue?
  7. When will people learn not to pre-order or pre-buy in to games. You can't complain now that you pre-purchased a game without knowing what it would be like. Ofc ncsoft would bleep it up, have you ever seen them running games? MxM? L2GoD? This company is a joke in recent years. Probably won't be around for much longer.
  8. This! This is 100% possible as I've done it myself on a lineage private server. Very simple to do as long as it only seperates areas that are actually overcrowded... instead of just moving half of the pop to a seperate instance (regardless of their location). This way you will prevent ppl exping safe and alone in a seperate instance on less populated spots. There is absolutely hundreds of ways they could fix this, but they are choosing to say nothing and do nothing, so theres not much point in us continuing to post here, we just have to wait til they will finally come back from their holi
  9. 11h in queue with client closing here! :} Fun f2p experience. Revert the 'fix'! Please, back to client closing and only 340 queue that actually moves!
  10. Devs/admins only respond to $$$, and even then you have to be ingame to active your VIP, so hf queueing for 10h again if you really wanted to give this terrible company money.
  11. Love how the title of the thread is 'WITH PROOF!' when there is 0 proof here.
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