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  1. Login Server Will Be Unavailable For 1 Hour

    How about having separate log in servers??? 1 for live and 1 for classic... Live servers get punished for what ever happens on classic, and same the other way around. its really crappy and unfair along with no proper warnings....
  2. Mammon packs are still 30 day items though when opened? is that part of the description right as well? I don't know I haven't opened one yet.
  3. seriously dragon breath not tradable ? how are we supposed to trade buy and sell to get 20 for the first shirt upgrade and then 40 more for the final upgrade???? is this right ? @Juji @Hime please tell me this is a mistake, cause if this isn't a mistake it would take literally thousands of dollars on one character only to maybe get enough to do one upgrade, let alone the final upgrade of 40 more... and these will be deleted when the event ends?
  4. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Juji could you please explain how the mark reward system is? people are getting different amounts for rewards, is it completely random? or does how fast you kill affect the mark reward? Also I agree this is kinds of crappy to get only +6 or +7 reward when the +10 reward is listed, unless you plan to extend the event or rerun it soon. Further more, lower geared people are excluded and support classes are excluded... very disappointing...
  5. GM's ruining gameplay?

    that isn't how it happened... the scum bag gathers enough info about you scary what they can find on you for free with just your name and location, then impersonates you to GM staff from a separate email, then saying something like, " i dont remember my password and i can't get into my old email account! please help me manually change the email" after GMs ask him some super easy to find basic stuff, the gm changes the email, all future communication and notifications of change of password, pin and location verification now goto the new scammer email. Wha-la the jerk has all your stuff and you dont know anything till you try and log in. the scammer who did these things (who by the way is still in game) never had access to the accounts before GM's gave him the accounts.
  6. GM's ruining gameplay?

    Dear Conguero, Now that the dragon weapon issue is resolved, please give attention to the scammer who is still in game and victimizing people, I won't publicly say the name cause that isn't allowed, but basically what they do is when people shout to buy and sell, he pms the person and asks them to speak on facebook or skype, then if they agree, he has basic information on them that he uses to try and trick your staff by impersonating them and getting access to their account. I petitioned about this person over 30 days ago, and I think you guys might have banned some of his characters, but the one is still scamming everyday. please see Request #20274486 I know people are not supposed to contact out of game, but some people still fall for it and it affects more than just the person who gets their items stolen, it also affects people who unknowingly buy the stolen items, when they vanish after paying for them, and it affect your staff in man hours spent trying to sort all this... please look into it. Thank you.
  7. GM's ruining gameplay?

    I would also like to note, one of the people most recently scamming NCsoft into letting them have access to accounts that did not belong to them, is still in game... enjoying life and probably scamming and selling scammed items that will disappear when restored. I petitioned about this, and response was: Thank you for contacting Lineage II Game Support Team again. On behalf of GM Telliks we have already finished our investigation and took action to the accounts who are involved in the incident. However, we are unable to disclose any information regarding our methods nor the investigation due to security and privacy reasons. Your understanding is appreciated. Yet, they still are in game... seriously guys... get a set of fair rules out and get everyone to go by them... dont say yes to one, and no to another over the same thing, and dont hand out game accounts so easy, and if someone scams, ban their ass, they are stealing and not putting money in NC pockets, i dont see why they should be allowed to run around unpunished.
  8. GM's ruining gameplay?

    This video is exactly what it is like to submit a petition about anything at all... then you have to complain 1000 times and keep the ticket open to get any answer at all that might be right and help with what ever your problem is... and to make it even more fun, each "GM" has a different answer for you on the same subject... FUN!!!!! ..... not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8L2cI8brzQ I really wish there was fair treatment across the board, as well as updated security measures, it should be next to impossible to trick NC "GMs" into letting you have someone elses account, and if you do one service for someone, it should be available to all, or don't do it in the first place.
  9. Oly Totally Unbalanced

    Ertheia Mage and Evis could use a work over, but mostly the Mage, I mean give them some strong spells and defense that are comparable to other mages and take away that damn perma hiding... people are loosing to them after they hit them once with a lvl 3 topaz and then hit for the rest of the 5 min match... its broken... among other things mentioned in this thread but the Ertheia mage is probably my biggest beef.
  10. Beware of scam

    I had a similar thing happen to me during the last Hungry horse event, I bought an Insanity Talisman from the Auction house, and a day later it was gone, vanished... I petitioned, got some very unrelated responses, but I pressed the issue, all said and done it took 4-5 days to get the item restored to me, the GM's never said why it was taken from me, just that they would investigate further, I was very stressful for me.... but atleast I got it back ... I mean all I did was buy the cheapest Insanity Talisman at the time from the AH... scams are everywhere, just remember to READ carefully any time you buy anything, some items share icons, and if you do everything right and the item goes missing, petition your arse off...
  11. 25 red bottles so far and i am only on Stage 4.... very disappointing, some have such good luck and others way other end of spectrum... i would have been happy in the middle, but no such luck, i am in the darkest deepest realm of fail lol....
  12. Cancer Agathion

    Thank you!!!
  13. Cancer Agathion

    Hello, can anyone tell me about the Cancer Agathion's active skill? specifically how long does the 20% reflect work for when cast. thank you very much.
  14. Shield Wave Bug in Olympiad

    surprised no one has post about this bug yet, it looks like it is super annoying. I have not had the misfortune of having it happen to me yet. here is what happens- best i can tell it only happens in Olympiad (someone correct me if i am wrong), and during Tank Vs. Tank fights, if one tank uses shield wave, and then the other tank also uses shield wave, both tanks lag out, and one of them randomly disconnects, it is totally random it doesn't matter who casted first or last, or who was winning or losing... i have seen it happen to both the first caster and second caster, so its not like you can really exploit it, unless you like a 50% statistic. me and a couple other tanks who have seen this and experienced this bug have petitioned, but the GM's who respond give a way off topic response to this problem... i often wonder if they can read and understand the game terms and questions, my guess is no. so i am posting here in hopes someone with some pull can get a fix for this in the works. Thanks for the time.
  15. Damage Reduction

    I noticed the same thing, its like the stats are a lie... I am not a tank anymore at this rate. Breaks my heart, I really like the role of a tank, but now I cant do my job the way i should.