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  1. You guys are over complicating this, and NCsoft is not going to rewrite stuff to fix this not anytime soon anyway, only solution is to try and get them to remove auto hunting and enforce afk keyboard macroing (24 7 macroing, not sitting at computer macroing for a couple hours a night) or hell, even make keyboard macroing against the eula. We shouldn't be 24-7 killing monsters anyway. Do away with afk macro, and war system is just fine like it was. see someone out of a zone? they must be there, pvp time!!! You want this fixed, you are pushing the wrong proposals at ncsoft. they are
  2. remove afk hunting system and boom problem solved. enforce macro keyboards for 24 7 use (you should be there if you are using a keyboard macro imo but noone ever is), make it were people make a live party for xp and farming, and pvp and wars will return. everything went down hill when auto hunt was put in game. not only will you solve the pvp problem and war problem, but you will solve the people who farm zones with 5-6 archers that share the same gear. everyone trying to point blame in wrong direction... auto hunt killed alot of things and made people think they can m
  3. I submitted a ticket the last time this topic came up to find out if this was or is an Exploit. after 5 days of back and fourth with GM's I finally got confirmation from a lead GM that clans that stay at 14 players to avoid wars but also pvp and go to sieges -is not- and exploit. They also volunteered the info that there are no plans to change the clan and clan war system. cheers.
  4. where is the unfair advantage? did they find a way to hit you and not flag? they go purple, kill them. they go red? kill them EASY... they enter a siege zone? kill them. or i dont know if you can't take them on, Run!!!!!!!! this is maybe the weakest argument i have ever seen someone try to force on anyone.. dont let some little 14 man clan man handle your siege force size clan! that is how you are making it sound anyway i have no idea how big the clans are that are complaining about the small clan, but surely more than 14 if they want war so bad. if these small clans are so scary recruit
  5. Well the clan leader never used the jump and ran from town legit like each time he died... he is one of the only ones not banned hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  6. but, to try and kill you they have to flag... or if the succeed in killing you then they are red, kill them back! pk them! there are still pk scrolls and sin eater quests. get revenge, there are game mechanics in place for you to defend yourself. no way with the new pk system can you convenience me someone is pking or pvping you off them map none stop (still legal to do in NCsofts eyes) you know what NCsoft would tell you to do? BSOE or hunt in bigger numbers lol that is what some carebear post as the GM response when someone pked him over and over before the pk system.
  7. Ncsoft has basically said multiple times, they dont care how many times a person pks, PVP's or Kill Steals on you, as long as they dont demand adena or something along the lines of extortion, its part of the game, Tetris/ Candy crush is a good game that doesnt have pvp if you need recommends
  8. what are the NCsoft devs thinking... pk system is fine the way they just now implemented... we dont need drop/destroy... scammers and exploiters or not we dont need to drop items worth hundreds of thousands of Ncoins....
  9. the changes already made to the pk system is good enough, adding drop and destroy back only promotes exploits and scamming... i have zero confidence the force red exploit has been fixed.... ZERO....
  10. Garbage choice to bring back drop and destroy, the system you already put in place is fine. i 100% doubt the force pk exploit has been fixed, and you shouldn't drop/destroy items you obtained in game though promotions and enchanting with Ncoin you purchased. what are you guys thinking?
  11. god almighty i hope its fair! and please dont wash people's current pks for free... they made their beds and now should sleep in them.
  12. I would have to agree! and also add that a well placed early Friday ban would punish the ones who abuse the most as it would keep them from Olympiad and Siege. a couple top players with 3 day bans that encompass the weekend would lead to more people becoming legit of course the the 3 day bans would keep having to happen from time to time to keep people scared straight.... or then this is all for nothing. People would notice if a top player is vanished for 3 days especially if they high roll in Oly and Siege and then we would know you are listening and watching. this would give me
  13. To bad it has to be this way... sorry in advance hero's but your incoming chat bans sacrifice will be for the greater good... (i hope, maybe for nothing who knows if the Devs care or not)
  14. I spend alot in this game... but not this time...
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