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  1. Hero shout solution

    To bad it has to be this way... sorry in advance hero's but your incoming chat bans sacrifice will be for the greater good... (i hope, maybe for nothing who knows if the Devs care or not)
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    I spend alot in this game... but not this time...
  3. Juji nearly all of us appreciated and enjoyed having you at the Lineage 2 Community discord.... please come back... there are haters everywhere.. my mother used to say, you can please some people some of the time, but you can never please all the people all the time... come back!
  4. Promoting online griefing?

    well... it is a pvp game, i personally dont like the pk system, but its better than people dropping stuff, and the blood swords, i dont like it either but it give people a reason to chase them and try and get the swords for themselves for the adena reward. NC soft just doesnt think things out, the cake event should have been in a peace zone, but oh well. but when all said and done, remember this is a pvp game, pvp/pk will happen
  5. please bring back Kingdom Cloaks, or put them in the store like you did elemental shirt and scrolls. there are no augment stones available anywhere anymore, no scrolls for reasonable adena, and the cloaks for sale on the market are outrageously overpriced. please bring back Kingdom cloaks or flash sale or perma store.
  6. Chronos Castle seige

    Katrise you are a very honorable dude, i know this about you, i respect i dont see your name in shout flaming and being toxic, i do think you want to fix things, however i dont think that most in MS will listen, i dont see them on this thread trying to fix things, only you. That being said, toning down the toxic talk in chat but not all across the board wont work. and honestly, why even trash Nova anymore, by your clans words they are worthless subpar dead clan whos players who are not worth pvping to begin with, i mean that is what you guys say day after day, and even sometimes talk the same way about Losbanditos and they are currently fighting you! any fool that can read sees this trash from 5-6 MS and the like 2 Nova & sometimes 1 LB everyday same people and neither MS nor the 2 Nova know when to let the other side blah blah get bored and stop spewing stupid stuff, they just keep going and going like they are trying to win the trash talk olympics. and as far as getting to fight Popes DW, i am not an expert on Tyrrs and Slashers, but i dont think that weapon is really an open pvp weapon, i could be wrong, if you want to feel its wraith, i see he still does Oly. its an Olympiad weapon imo. Side bar, Nova is either: a. Dead - gratz MS Wins! now stop beating a dead horse maybe? focus on current events, updates and clans? b. Rebuilding- gratz MS Wins! maybe you will have some pvp when they get on their feet, leave them alone maybe so they become fun to fight? Flame away i guess, but dont expect Hero shouts to work very well for buying, selling or forming parties, i know many have turned it off and many more will... i haven't yet, but getting close, i get tired of the constant spam of who sucks more and why it certainly isn't -them-.
  7. Chronos Castle seige

    Jink, honestly, you wont like when i say this, and i know already you wont take my advice... You... dont... have... to ... respond... you.. dont... have to poke ... them when... its ... been quite.... in shout... you simply dont have to, it does nothing but keep the toxic ball rolling. The less toxic stuff you say, the less the enemy will say, simple... it all starts with you, and by saying "you" i mean anyone reading this, not just you Jink.
  8. Chronos Castle seige

    I 100% agree with dsdse here, the trash talk needs to tone down, i mean i know it will never go away completely but honestly, why the hell do the "Winners" need to act like sore losers? or sore winners? what ever you want to call it... i mean GRATS! you won a pvp fight, celebrate, but dont be a damn turd about it... my parents cant be the only ones that taught their kids to be humble winners when you do win, and to not be a damn sore looser when you loose... in turn the losing side needs to shut the eff up too, dont feed the trolls. dont kick people when they are down... damn... especially if you want them to get up and PVP you more.. like i hinted at before in this thread, we could all use a little chill, before you hit enter on what ever hero shout you are about to do, ask yourself, does this help the current pvp or server situation, or and i just going to gain a few atta boys from like minded people in Vent/TS who are going to agree with you anyway, do you honestly think what ever negative thing you say will help? or finally make your enemy agree with you and want to PVP you more? doubt it, the hero pvp is the only pvp anymore, and it seems to me you need to do less of the hero pvp to get back the real pvp. honestly I am surprised anyone fights at all anymore, Kudo's to those trying hard to hang in there fight the top clans only to get flamed in hero voice after and told how bad they are and what a 1 shot they are, only a matter of time i am sure and they will say what is the point. The fault points in many directions.
  9. Vitality boost :-(, well better than no boost i guess... any ETA in Kingdom cloaks? circlets are nice, but i am interested in Cloaks too!
  10. Kingdom Cloaks Event, When?

    true, when someone doesnt have something and everyone does, it is a problem :-) i dont want to pay 100b or more for a cloak or 200m or more for stones, so yeah i come here, because i have been waiting and nothing for a while.
  11. When can we expect Kingdom Cloaks to come back to L2 store? or how about putting them in the store with the spirit stones like you did with the elemental shirt. I can't even remember when the last time we had the cloaks available... i know of several people who like me would also like to see these return. Flash sale at the very least? we haven't had a flash sale in a while either. Thank you for your time.
  12. thank you Juji for the reply
  13. what is the fail ratio? nothing about that ... is this 100% success or will there be a crappy fail % ??? more info please i mean.... really is it going to be like OE skills? where you can fail and go back to square one? or are you 100% and safe to enchant once you spend and level each level?
  14. yeah this crap is back, cant log in, and the suggestion i posted earlier is not working this time.... FIX THIS I HAVE RUNES RUNNING! (and so do others sorry dont want to seem insensitive)