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  1. thank you Juji for the reply
  2. what is the fail ratio? nothing about that ... is this 100% success or will there be a crappy fail % ??? more info please i mean.... really is it going to be like OE skills? where you can fail and go back to square one? or are you 100% and safe to enchant once you spend and level each level?
  3. yeah this crap is back, cant log in, and the suggestion i posted earlier is not working this time.... FIX THIS I HAVE RUNES RUNNING! (and so do others sorry dont want to seem insensitive)
  4. NOTE 1 : FOR PEOPLE WHO GET A ERROR (E0010001) : Load the game from the directory file of the game and not by the shortcut (As administrator ) found this by searching for help so i could log in..... worked on one client so far hope it works for anyone else with issues... still need a fix for this though... loading the game this way sucks....
  5. how about re-running some past events sales in "flash" sales like Cloak, circlet, shirt stuff. you guys seem all about the money so how about it? and also bring back base xp and run a sale on erupting, cake and maintainers... you guys would make a killing... not sure why your not doing this.
  6. need help with a support ticket.

    bump till i get help from support, 2 months and no reply. filed this ticket with support on Dec 5th, still waiting for the verdict of the "investigate this matter further"
  7. Bring Back XP Boost

    forgot to mention in my above +1 Base xp boost please, not interested in the vitality boost... only base
  8. please someone with authority over support, escalate my ticket please, its been well over a month and still un resolved... no answers, nothing. Ticket #23249338
  9. Login Server Will Be Unavailable For 1 Hour

    How about having separate log in servers??? 1 for live and 1 for classic... Live servers get punished for what ever happens on classic, and same the other way around. its really crappy and unfair along with no proper warnings....
  10. Mammon packs are still 30 day items though when opened? is that part of the description right as well? I don't know I haven't opened one yet.
  11. seriously dragon breath not tradable ? how are we supposed to trade buy and sell to get 20 for the first shirt upgrade and then 40 more for the final upgrade???? is this right ? @Juji @Hime please tell me this is a mistake, cause if this isn't a mistake it would take literally thousands of dollars on one character only to maybe get enough to do one upgrade, let alone the final upgrade of 40 more... and these will be deleted when the event ends?
  12. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Juji could you please explain how the mark reward system is? people are getting different amounts for rewards, is it completely random? or does how fast you kill affect the mark reward? Also I agree this is kinds of crappy to get only +6 or +7 reward when the +10 reward is listed, unless you plan to extend the event or rerun it soon. Further more, lower geared people are excluded and support classes are excluded... very disappointing...
  13. GM's ruining gameplay?

    that isn't how it happened... the scum bag gathers enough info about you scary what they can find on you for free with just your name and location, then impersonates you to GM staff from a separate email, then saying something like, " i dont remember my password and i can't get into my old email account! please help me manually change the email" after GMs ask him some super easy to find basic stuff, the gm changes the email, all future communication and notifications of change of password, pin and location verification now goto the new scammer email. Wha-la the jerk has all your stuff and you dont know anything till you try and log in. the scammer who did these things (who by the way is still in game) never had access to the accounts before GM's gave him the accounts.