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  1. Server count

    Dude i'm not a naysayer, just more positive than most. just wanted to point out it is xmas season-traditional slow time for NA games I believe. After the holidays it should pick back up to what ever it should be. PS I agree bots kill this game.
  2. just thanks for autoloot adena!

    haha too funny, I'm on the fence in this topic, liked getting free adena from the bots. But someone did come by and pick up some match heads...since I didn't notice them there, dam thieves!
  3. it may just be me but I couldn't follow the link to the lineage 2 main site, just endless loop back to the intro page here https://www.lineage2.com/freetoplay
  4. Elven Villiage Hierarch

    when you ask about first class transfer, there is a name spelt in Cyrillic or latin or something.
  5. luckily for you, Tinfoil Hats grade F will also be available in the store.
  6. so we don't have to deal with annoying and rude forum trolls who just try to start shit because they are poor or whatever. Thank you, payment is in the form of ncoins.
  7. Abouts Bots (vid)

    well then they should have kept the looping macros. so then we can all just set it and forget it.
  8. LOOK HERE!! An Ogre beats a Troll so GTFO! well, I just wanted to argue, since I agree with your original comment...
  9. Abouts Bots (vid)

    also saying you are promoting bot activities?? I left a definition of promote in the other thread...maybe she/he is just an intern?
  10. why is this thread even an issue? it was taken care of over a week ago according to title
  11. Just another Bot Party

    Agreed Krissa. There should also not be people botting.
  12. Just another Bot Party

    you may very well be right, however this does not mean that they do not read the forums. I'm quite sure any investigator who wants to remain informed will look at any source of information that they can have access to. I am also certain that they are not forbidden to read forum threads. And besides which, its just interesting to many people, excepting of course to those who find it boring.
  13. Just another Bot Party

    of course the people investigating do read the forums, its just against the tos or what ever, because of reasons who cares. please do report and show evidence of all bot activity, it is interesting to many, they will delete edit or whatever, but still people see it. also include server, because we are not all on TI.
  14. My three are just fine.
  15. but how do we push? forums? we have been asking for this since they took it away...
  16. Body to mind skill

    hmm you will likely still run out, but it will help. I cant remember what it gives...
  17. I like this idea, as long as it is limited to whatever is available in the nc store and with same vip limitations. whats the big deal, ppl can earn adena in game and buy vip or items from the ncstore off of other people who have cc. It is win/win im my mind, nc makes more and more ppl have access. I don't have a deviant mind so I may be missing something criminal here...
  18. question about pvp

    maybe last hit was mob?
  19. Switch between spsd and bssd

    it is a bug I think, I did notice this too, when I was trying to use some spsd up or ng sps. It auto changes back to blessed for some reason, not sure if its after tele or what..
  20. im working on a permared right now, any tips?
  21. so many ingrates my gawd. well although I look forward to fixes and answers to all these questions, I would also like to say nice job on this update, seeing quite a few requests filled. like the monthly rune tyty.
  22. Aden crashed

    Giran is down for the count... Oops back up or haunted, you decide