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  1. Bots make adena just by leveling up. As many have pointed out, you wind up with something between 60-100k pending on drops. If you take that out to 25, I personally wind up with close to 250k. I can do 1-25 in about 9 hours. No aoe, spamming shots, using an Iron Hammer until 20 and a Tarbar 20-25. I do not run out of the free NG shots while below 20 and use less than 5k shots 20-25. Spend say 50k replace DSS and my profit for 9 hours is 200k. Not bad, but not great either. That profit, by the way, is after vendoring trash and before selling any crafting mats. That is also at VIP 0 with no drop
  2. So many ignorant people who have no clue why the drop on pve death was removed. It was removed back during C3 do to gross abuse of the mechanic to kill player shops in Oren, Giran, and Aden. People would get trains of mobs that used aoe abilities frequently and would train them into town and get the mobs to use their aoe abilities in town. They would be standing in the middle of the shops and many are very low level alts either buying or selling. They would die en masse and the griefer/exploiters would then grab the drops. This cause a huge outcry not only among NA and EU customers
  3. You do not need 3 keyboards. You just need Mouse Without Borders or a similar keyboard and mouse sharing network program. The Mouse Without Borders program is created by Microsoft by a developer there who needed to control multiple systems with a single mouse and keyboard but without the expense of a dedicated KVM switch (Keyboard, Video, Mouse switch). The program is 100% free and can be found in Microsft's Garage of handy developer tools. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/garage/profiles/mouse-without-borders/ It isn't perfect, and once in a while will have a glitch req
  4. God no. No mounts except that which you get through playing the game. If they spend their time doing anything, then it needs to be done with fixing the damn rates.
  5. You already can for all newbie villages, Gludin, and Gludio. 1 teleport scroll is 22 NC coin.
  6. Just ignore mixa. He is a shill for NC Soft.
  7. Problem is when the events upstage the very game they are a part of. Events in Lineage II have always been badly designed because they do just that. The current Halloween event is a classic case in point of how bad events in Lineage II generally are. For all those who have gotten a top D weapon, grats to them. The impact to me is that it has made selling DSS as a warsmith main much easier. It has also made it easier for me to level up since other weapons, like Tarbars, have fallen in price and people I group with are generally able to do much better damage. This is great since a Warsmith
  8. I'm with Zygia. A good game doesn't need events to support and sustain itself. As such, I do not like any of the events in Lineage II. They are just crutches the developers throw at the game to temporarily hide the games plentiful flaws and abate some of the constant complaining on the forums. See World of Warcraft and EvE Online for examples of good events. Either they are story related and generally just fun things that have no impact upon the game other than being different and entertaining, or they are recurring and the same. Every single Lineage II event has been nothing more than gl
  9. Not very bright are you. Get presented logic and facts and you suddenly have to resort to insults with no originality or cleverness. Gotta say, I'm not surprised. Have a nice day.
  10. Had to shorten your points to basic summaries. Addressing your point. 1) I played beta through C4. Then I played on again off again until just recently. I have zero illegal server experience as I do not believe in them. Comparing them to Live/Classic is also a fundamental NO NO. Shame on you! You never even played during the vanilla times. 2) If you can't adjust to the current pvp climate, that is YOUR problem not the game's. The only thing broken about PK at is that the karma climb starts out really really high and is almost impossible to xp off. If you go over 4 PKs and die while r
  11. Just hold down both mouse buttons to run when in town if you are having trouble moving.
  12. Fun fact, yet sad fact, the reason the game keeps suggesting a break after each hour logged in is because there were a couple very publicized incidents in Korea of people dying due to playing Lineage II too much.
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