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  1. verification codes

    i have problem with send pin to login my other accpund, i tryed 1 day ago and today and any pind dont coming t my mail . suport here and can help me ?
  2. not fer, people who will start today have worse because there is no such a quick revival of monsters and CI which they played since the beginning of May after 50 lvl. now it is harder for new ones and irrelevant for old ones. it should be so with spots up to 40 lvl moba are fast as you change something
  3. exp warlord 30+

    hey guys where can i make good exp grind and aoe with spear to get more exp ?
  4. WTS crafted dagger 410k

    WTS crafted dagger 410k
  5. hey, there is a mistake in hiding behind the wall. if the monster starts to enchant and I hide behind the obstacle, for example a tree or a wall, it still gets from this spell. it should not be like that, I played on other original servers and it was different.
  6. 1 VIP and LOGIN 3 box

    if i buy vip on one acccount will i still problem to login all boxes to game ?
  7. WHY?

    me the same !! i trying 1h log and always server faster than me exit widnows