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  1. I have finished the "Noise in Woods" quest (Elf) but I don't like the weapon Red Sunset Sword (Novice) because its 2 hands. I have checked the L2 wiki and it seems that the others swords (1H) have the same p.atk, is it true? If yes, which one should I take or more exactly, which is the faster? Thanks!
  2. How do I become VIP? Just buying NCoins is enough?
  3. The journey has ended. After 14hs I have finally been able to login to the game. I have become the master of queue. PD: What do you mean with VIP? This https://classic.lineage2.com/shop/launch-packs? The $10 pack is enough? Can I buy it and activate it now in-game or I have to master the queue again?
  4. As of now, I have been almost 6hs. I expect at least, 15hs+ to be able to login.
  5. I have been for about 2hs now, I was around 1.5k. Will update until I am able to login and check the date. As for now, have this.
  6. Let us transfer our characters to the others servers for the first month. That way we can actually play and not overload Talking Island/Giran server. Bye.
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