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  1. yes they said that your system is still broken, and they are working on it.... oh and not to mention we are getting randomly locked out of logging in with that "something went wrong on our end, try again later" bug....
  2. @Hime yea this would be great if we could load ncoin onto our accounts.... are you for serious right now.....
  3. i understand that it was said this is a known issue but please give us an update. if i would of know this would of been such an issue i would of loaded more onto my account before you guys broke it...
  4. this is like 1.0 release version of drop rates and adena and 10% xp loss. almost like the wrong patch was applied.
  5. 10% xp loss was 1.0 classic but it should be only 4%
  6. Can we please get this fixed.... my cp can log into our characters in game no problems but some people having problems logging into the website "something went wrong on our end, please try again in a few minutes" and before people start saying you logged in to many accounts on one computer to quickly the only account they logged in on the website was their own just the one. This makes it impossible to buy more nc coins etc @Juji @Hime these are major issues please resond. They have submitted tickets, but when it happened to me support didnt say anything they said just wait how long
  7. i applied nc coin from card i bought at gamestop and still havent gotten them. @Juji @Hime can we please get a update on this?
  8. would be nice if the support team could unlock my credit card so i could give you more money.... @Juji @Hime
  9. i bought a few last friday, and i tried to buy 3 last night and it wont take my credit card anymore so its kind of stupid. i mean if paypal was working...
  10. this is so stupid you have 3 other confirmed locked in purchases from my credit card in your data base but you freaking block me when i try and get 2 more accounts ready today.... now note i spread those other accounts out over a few days during the past week. but seriously paypal isnt working then you go and block credit cards that have confirmed locked in transactions on them.... what kind of coders do you have writing your stuff.... support tickets are in but heres your problem you have this great pre purchase pack that most people dont want to pass up then u start locking o
  11. you didnt say PS. this class does not get death spike. they will get max level of they twister nuke in later updates.
  12. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Main_Page latest patch of eu classic info can be found here
  13. there is death spike. again this is l2 classic not c1-c5 its not the same thing....
  14. its not clients ffs its logging into account maint on the website with alot of your accounts causes a weird lock out issue. You should really read what a topic is about before you post and make yourself sound like an idiot.
  15. no one here is talking about having more than 3 clients LOGGED IN AT ONCE.... what is being talked about is this strange soft lock ncsoft puts on your computer when you log into account settings on the website.... I had 10 accounts myself on Skelth and that was pay to play. So why would i not have just as many here? you need to be able to manage these accounts. fyi adena sellers are not buying stuff from your shop if im paying you money stop blocking my shit.
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