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  1. Just now, Laran said:

    Since Retributers and Casters now are not blunts but staves (staff), sos only works for tauti. Get a Bloody Slasher or use Tauti with SoS

    Actually sos works with retri, but not as it was earlier. Crit damage is still double, but you won't get those bonus stats what frenzy/furious slasher gives if you are using blunt.

  2. 3 hours ago, Devoid said:

    Re Ancient Cloaks:
    You'd better introduce a hefty compensation system for those whole already have those cloaks; or alternatively just give everyone level 6 brooch and jewels as a 'revision' to how hard it is to compound jewels. Otherwise that is double standards and given the history of NA management involvement in shady deals with players, this looks like another one.


    I want compensation 'cause I spent months in ketra 10 years ago exping 78-79! Now I can do it with fortune pockets in few minutes. Let's say 3 months in Ketra, 3k €/month... 

  3. On 28.3.2018 at 11:10 PM, Monkey said:


    Monkeylover.  Moonlight sentinel 81/ adventurer 80. 

    From 2006-2010 devianne,  2011 til god release on bartz.  Toon deleted.

    Currently digitalm  evi/yul 101 and lfc on chronos and a helping hand for grinding! 

    Quitted after god release and came back like 10 months ago..

    Game isn't the same at all,  but still dion has the greatest ost!  


    Omg Monkeylover, we finns from BP still playing , Inde, Ogreman and me (koffi)