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  1. Hello everyone, new clan on Giran is now recruiting casual players. We are a fun loving clan made of 10-year L2 friendship. This CLAN is designed as a CASUAL family in the world of Lineage. Everyone is welcome. We have a discord server and a very active clan leader. Join us today and helps us grow together.
  2. really dude come on. I see all your post and people quote your stuff. please. Turn the dual-boxing off and let everyone in. F2P right? not p2get in the server. yea. I'm using my head and I'm calling double bull-shit on this server issue.
  3. If the queue problem has to do with the server hitting max login. winch looks like is 5900 players at a time. (See link for players online http://l2.laby.fr/status/) why not turn off dual boxing until you fix the problem? The main reason why some of us cant play have to do with all the dual boxing and AFK players. So why not turn in off until you fix it?
  5. Your last comment "But sadly it's not going to be found here, with NCsoft running it" hit me really hard. I was here from day one. after I left office, I play so many privet servers, I even try running one my self. Looking for that old L2 feeling. When I read classic was opening I when crazy. I was so excited. Then I read the patch notes, then server time got posted, login issue, VIP4...etc. Yet again NCSoft makes a fool of me and takes (30$) my money. I guess everyone was right. You cant lived the glory days. Everything about the server is wrong. Right now you have to pay to get in!!!! what
  6. Lev23 with low ng here. No full drop for me. Guess I haven’t pay enoght money to get drops.
  7. So happy to finally see the L2 community come together like this. But, at the end of the day money talks. With the Login issue they made so much money. They got 1000+ people to pay just to login. Then, with the rates. They got them to buy NCcoins. At the end of the day the #s are the only thing moving the wheel. For them, this was a very successful server opening. Is only when the money stops that real change can be made. If you look at discord and the people playing. Money hasn’t stop and won’t stop for a month or so.
  8. What open my eyes was the server login problem. Forcing people to pay to get in. How can people not see it. You had to pay to get in!!! Then you had to use the shop for SS. This was 10000% plan.
  9. If you have paypal. Attach the notes, forums outcry and forums replay from NCSoft. Give them as much as you can. You’ll get 100% refund. Good luck work for me.
  10. PayPal is the real MVP. Got my full refund approve after showing some of the issues in the forum. Thank god and good luck all.
  11. What a joke. I blame all the people buy the pack and coins. They making money so why fix it right? Thank god there’s a new COD next week. Good luck to everyone who stay here.
  12. I want to keep my Spoiler at lev10. best way to delv my self? The city guard won't attack me
  13. Or as a drop. I remember hit lev20 a have a good set of NG wep/armor. The having Adena to get a cheap D grade a . Now am lev25 with NG and having to farm green mobs. I dont care what anyone post here. Something bleeping wrong with all this.
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