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  1. CSCore


    WTB Amulet: Chant of Rage Spellbook: Summon Aqua Cubic Mail to Ironnfoot
  2. @Juji@Hime Are you sure it was just standard maintenance? Some areas didn't drop a crap after the maintenance. Pls, look into this! Thanks
  3. noticed this too. is this a glitch or something?
  4. is this possible? up to what extent?
  5. what classes would you replace the summoners?
  6. tnx for your encouraging words
  7. Hi all, I want to know your opinion if I can do (box iss hiero maybe with sos or othell for cw) kamaloka with the items below: Lvl 101 (dual 105 but only 5 dual class cert) Eviscerator and here are items: +8 pve light set +7 pve fighter death/crit death (no augment yet ) exalt cloak noble circlet of authority opal lvl2, str +4 bracelet +15 str dyes octa shirt, tezza soul, creation, baium soul, antharas, octa warrior earring chef monkey's belt desire, st9 venir, lv1 abundance my ap skills atm: dual class skills: berserker's ra
  8. BTW the purpose of this thread is????
  9. get tauti 2h axe and light set str dyes (for now) any sub/dual class will do and get your own iss hierophant, maybe u can solo kamaloka in the future gl
  10. u needed some cp to switch allegiance and some to quit before u can win?
  11. Need I say more? https://imgur.com/YN8XUQy @Juji@Hime
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