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  1. eviscerator 'solo' kamaloka ;)

    tnx for your encouraging words
  2. eviscerator 'solo' kamaloka ;)

    Hi all, I want to know your opinion if I can do (box iss hiero maybe with sos or othell for cw) kamaloka with the items below: Lvl 101 (dual 105 but only 5 dual class cert) Eviscerator and here are items: +8 pve light set +7 pve fighter death/crit death (no augment yet ) exalt cloak noble circlet of authority opal lvl2, str +4 bracelet +15 str dyes octa shirt, tezza soul, creation, baium soul, antharas, octa warrior earring chef monkey's belt desire, st9 venir, lv1 abundance my ap skills atm: dual class skills: berserker's rage and death what do you think? any suggestions?
  3. Heroes, November 2018

    BTW the purpose of this thread is????
  4. LF summoner guide

    get tauti 2h axe and light set str dyes (for now) any sub/dual class will do and get your own iss hierophant, maybe u can solo kamaloka in the future gl
  5. OMG !!!! There is no more ....

    u needed some cp to switch allegiance and some to quit before u can win?
  6. zechiii for sale :)

    Need I say more? https://imgur.com/YN8XUQy @Juji@Hime
  7. Heroes, November 2018

    3 'randoms' LOL
  8. MAX threatens with massive report

    max come to naia plz
  9. LF Tips on Feoh

    @MaL3kith u pvp player? lol wat is your clan again?
  10. WTS Equipment

    quitting sale i wonder where the adena goes? @Conguero
  11. i watched some of his streams. he is hardly a soldier. no idea wat he is doing on his tyrr just logging in L2 for the sake of streaming
  12. photo in post

    can someone tell me how to post pics on this forum? tia
  13. pom to titan

    is pom still best for titans? some said pom is now chnaged
  14. Hi all, lf suggestions on how to make my seer assist better (mostly in kartia/baylor/kamaloka).. i dual box so i usually put star on target. here's my macro for seer auto assist star /targettoken1 /useskill Sayha's Word /useskill Storm Rage /useskill Hydro Attack /useskill Hydro Flare /useskill Hydro Attack /useskill Hydro Flare /delay 0